GrowthBar Review: A Powerful Chrome Extension for Keyword Research and SEO Analysis


GrowthBar Review by 99signals

GrowthBar is a powerful SEO Chrome extension that brings all the key features that you’d typically find in an SEO software suite right into your Google Chrome browser.

In this article, I’ll be doing an in-depth review of GrowthBar. You’ll learn about its key features, pricing, customer support, and ease of use. By the end of this review, you’ll know whether you should go for the paid version of GrowthBar.

Let’s get started.

Try GrowthBar free for 5 days

What is GrowthBar?


Launched by growth marketers Hailey and Mark in 2020, GrowthBar is an SEO Chrome extension that provides ranking difficulty score and instant keyword variations for any search query you type into Google.

You also get to see important domain metrics like domain authority (DA), organic traffic, and top backlinks for every Google search result right in your web browser. What’s more, you can also view a site’s top paid keywords and monitor their Facebook ads.

All these critical data points can help you get a deeper understanding of your organic and paid competition, and give a clear picture of how difficult it would be rank for your target keywords on Google.

This lightweight Chrome plugin unlocks a plethora of advanced SEO metrics and includes several features to help you do your SEO work on the go. But more on these features in a bit.

In the next section, I’ll explain how to download, activate, and start using GrowthBar.

How to Use GrowthBar

To get started, download and activate the GrowthBar extension on your Google Chrome browser. You can download the extension from here.

Just enter your email address and hit the “Add to Chrome” button.

GrowthBar Extension - Download Page

You’ll be taken to GrowthBar’s download page on the Chrome Web Store. Click on “Add to Chrome” to add GrowthBar to your web browser.

GrowthBar Chrome Web Store

Next, click on the GrowthBar icon located in the extension space of your browser and click on “Sign up” to create a new GrowthBar account.

GrowthBar Sign Up

On the signup page, enter your details and hit “Sign up.”

You can use GrowthBar’s paid version for free for 5 days. Once the trial is over, you’ll be charged $34/month. To continue with the trial, you’ll need to enter your card details here. You can cancel the trial anytime before the trial is over and continue using GrowthBar for free.

The free version of GrowthBar will provide you with basic SEO metrics like ranking difficulty score, domain authority, etc. but to unlock advanced SEO metrics and keyword research features, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version.

Try GrowthBar free for 5 days

GrowthBar Review: Key Features

Ranking Difficulty Score

Ranking Difficulty or Keyword Difficulty is an SEO metric that helps you understand how difficult it would be to rank for a particular keyword.

Technically speaking, the higher the difficulty score of a keyword, the more difficult it is to outrank the current top-ranking results for that keyword. Similarly, a lower difficulty score means it’s easier to outrank the competition in SERPs.

Bottom line: Before you start creating content, have a rough estimate of the ranking difficulty score of your target keywords.

GrowthBar lets you see the ranking difficulty score of any search query you type into Google.

Once you’ve installed and activated GrowthBar on your Google Chrome browser, just enter a search query in Google and you’ll see the ranking difficulty score of that search query displayed next to the search box.

GrowthBar - Ranking Difficulty Score

You can use this score to decide which keywords to target in your content, based on their competitiveness.

Keyword Suggestions

In order to rank higher in search results, you need to target the right keywords in your niche and create content that satisfies both users and search engines.

Most people already have a rough sketch of the keywords they want to target for their website. You can treat these keywords as seed keywords in your research.

Once the GrowthBar extension is activated on your browser, you can enter these seed keywords into Google and get keyword suggestions alongside monthly search volume and CPC.

GrowthBar Review - Keyword Suggestions

This will help you understand which keywords are really popular with users. Moreover, you can discover keyword variations and topics that you might have otherwise missed.

By default, GrowthBar shows you the five most popular keyword suggestions for your search query. To view more suggestions, click the “See more” button below the suggestion box.

This will open a separate tab, wherein you can see a complete list of keyword suggestions for your search query alongside monthly search volume and CPC.

GrowthBar Review - Suggested Keywords List

You can download this list of keywords to a CSV file for offline reference. You can even type keywords in the search box on top to get granular in your research.

Keyword Tracking

Keyword tracking is the process of monitoring a website’s keyword rankings over a period of time. This data helps you keep track of how your website is performing for all the critical keywords in your niche. You can also track your competitors’ rankings and compare your keyword rankings against that of your competitors.

GrowthBar has a built-in keyword tracking feature that allows you to monitor your website’s rankings and also track the rankings of any site that you find in the SERPs.

While viewing the SERPs with GrowthBar, click on the plus icon next to organic traffic data. You’ll see that domain’s top 5 organic keywords alongside position and monthly volume.

GrowthBar Review - Keyword Tracking

To view more organic keyword rankings, click “See More” at the bottom of the panel. You’ll be able to see up to 200 keyword rankings for any website.

Alternatively, you can perform keyword tracking from the GrowthBar dashboard itself. To do this, click on the “Keyword Tracking” tab. Enter your target domain and 1-2 keywords associated with the domain.

GrowthBar Review - Keyword Tracking 2

Hit “Add Keywords,” and GrowthBar will generate a report featuring your target domain’s top 200 keywords alongside SERP position and monthly search volume.

GrowthBar Review - Keyword Tracking 3

Backlink Checker

Backlinks continue to remain one of the strongest signals that Google uses to rank pages in their SERPs. As such, it’s important to track your backlinks and also monitor your competitors’ backlinks to discover untapped link building opportunities.

GrowthBar lets you keep a track of your backlinks and helps you monitor the backlinks of your organic competitors.

To view a site’s backlink profile, just click on the plus icon next to “Top Backlinks.” You’ll see the top 5 referring domains for the website.

GrowthBar Review - Top Backlinks

To view more backlinks, click “See more” and GrowthBar will open a separate tab featuring the top 200 referring domains that point to your target website.

As with any report generated by GrowthBar, you can export this data to a CSV file and access it offline.

In addition to keyword suggestions and SEO metrics, GrowthBar also provides insights on paid keywords and Facebook ads.

Paid keywords are keywords you bid for in Google Ads (erstwhile AdWords). With GrowthBar, you can see which keywords your competitors are bidding for in Google Ads and also monitor their paid campaigns on Facebook.

To view your competitors’ paid keywords, click on the plus icon next to “Paid keywords.” You’ll see their top 5 paid keywords.

Click “See more” to expand the list and see all their paid keywords.

To view your competitors’ Facebook ads, click on the Facebook icon.

GrowthBar Review - FB Ads

This will open up Facebook Ad Library, and you’ll be able to see all the current ads your competitor is running on Facebook.

GrowthBar Review - Facebook Ad Library

You can use the filters on top to view ads that your competitor is running in other countries or see some of their past campaigns.

Side note: Facebook Ad Library is a great tool to uncover your competitors’ ad strategies and get valuable insights. It’s one of the most underrated Facebook marketing tools out there. And it’s completely free. Watch our Facebook Ad Library tutorial to use this tool to spy on your competitors’ ads and generate ideas for your Facebook campaigns.

GrowthBar Review: Pricing

GrowthBar New Pricing

GrowthBar costs $34/month. You can get a 5-day free trial to test out all the aforementioned features. Once the 5 days are over, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version to continue using all features. You also have the choice to use GrowthBar’s free plan.

With the free plan, you can view the ranking difficulty score of your search query and view on-page SEO stats like DA and traffic value. Everything else will be locked until you upgrade to the paid version.

Try GrowthBar free for 5 days

GrowthBar Review: Ease of Use

GrowthBar is incredibly easy to use, and you can learn the ins and outs of the tool in no time. Since it’s a lightweight Chrome extension, you don’t have to deal with a long and complicated onboarding process to get started with the tool.

You just need to register an account, activate the extension on your browser, and start doing your SEO research on the fly.

GrowthBar Review: Customer Support

Customer support is essential to the growth and improvement of any business. This is an aspect where I feel GrowthBar could do better.

While I concede the tool is easy enough to use and master, I still wish GrowthBar offered customer support through an AI-powered chatbot, or at the very least, had some sort of help documentation or FAQs readily available on the dashboard.

Nonetheless, if you have any issues or concerns with the tool, you can send an email to Hailey Friedman, GrowthBar’s co-founder, at I also found this blog post which does a fairly good job outlining all the ways you can use GrowthBar for keyword research and competitor analysis.

GrowthBar Review: Final Verdict

GrowthBar is a must-have Chrome extension for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and just about anyone serious about ranking their pages in Google SERPs. It’s a lightweight app that empowers you with a wealth of SEO data to help you rank higher in search results.

If you’d like to convert your web browser into a powerful SEO analysis tool and have valuable metrics at your fingertips, you need to try GrowthBar.

Click here to try GrowthBar free for 5 days

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