SEO vs. PPC is a long-standing debate. Read this article to know which acquisition strategy is better, or rather, which strategy is right for your business.
Running PPC campaigns can require a lot of work, from research to analysis. Here are 17 tools to cover all that and make online advertising easier.
The Keyword Planner in Google Ads is a free keyword research tool that can make writing good Google ads a breeze. In this article, we look into how effective Google Ads are written and share tips on how to build successful campaigns using Google’s built-in power tool.
This in-depth guide to Direct Response Marketing by Daniel Daines-Hutt will show you how to use old school principles to make your marketing more effective.
When it comes to PPC ads, most marketers don't go beyond investing in Google AdWords. And in some cases, this decision is completely justified. After all, Google dominates PPC ads with a worldwide market share of 86.87% (as of October 2017)...
There is a tidal wave of content on the internet, each piece trying to grab your undivided attention. In such a scenario, how do you get people to pay attention to your PPC ads? It's simple - you create headlines that make it hard for them to resist clicking on your PPC ads!

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