12 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO


The Google Chrome web store offers a variety of different SEO tools that can help you with your SEO efforts with just one click.

In this article, we’ll share 12 of the best SEO Chrome extensions which you need to add to your web browser right away.

12 of the Best Chrome Extensions for SEO

Top 12 Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

1. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a popular content marketing tool which allows you to search for the most popular/shared content online for any given topic.

Buzzsumo’s Chrome extension provides you insight into how a particular content piece is performing without leaving your web browser. It allows you to see the engagement metrics and backlinks it has generated online.

12 of the Best Chrome Extensions for SEO - Buzzsumo Chrome Extension

To view these stats, just click on the extension icon to see metrics such as the number of social shares and backlinks that post has.

You can also use the Buzzsumo extension to see how your competitors’ content is performing and create content that is more shareable.

12 of the Best Chrome Extensions for SEO - Buzzsumo

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2. MozBar

MozBar is a Chrome extension by Moz that allows you to get instant SEO insights about different websites or search engine result pages (SERPs) without leaving your web browser.

12 of the Best Chrome Extensions for SEO - MozBarAlong with various backlink metrics, you can also see a website’s domain authority and page authority from this extension. Providing invaluable data and stats, the MozBar Chrome extension is a must-have for all SEOs.

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3. Page Analytics by Google

Google’s Page analytics extension is a great tool to understand how your customers are interacting with your website.

12 Best SEO Chrome Extensions - Page Analytics by Google

The tool gives you useful data like where your users click and the number of active visitors your website has in real time.

It also shows your usual Google Analytics metrics like Pageviews, Unique Pageviews, Average time on page and Bounce Rate. A must have extension if you rely on Google Analytics for traffic stats.

4. SEO Quake

SEO Quake is a Chrome extension by SEMrush which shows important metrics such as Alexa Rank, Google Index, Bing Index, and more.
12 Best SEO Chrome Extensions - SEO QuakeThe results show varied info about the pages in SERPs including info on backlinks, whois info, traffic info, number of pages indexed, domain age, and Alexa rank.

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5. Ninja Outreach Lite

Ninja Outreach is a powerful blogger outreach and prospecting tool and its Chrome extension is a ‘lite’ version of the tool which you can use to extract extremely useful website data.

12 of the Best Chrome Extensions for SEO - Ninja Outreach Lite

The information available through the tool includes full name, location, social media follower counts, email address, Alexa rank, backlinks, page authority, domain authority and more. It also adds powerful prospecting and outreach capabilities to your web browser.

The tools also displays links to key pages within a website such as contact, about, resources, reviews, infographics, etc., and provides email outreach templates which you can use from the extension itself.

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6. LinkMiner

Broken link building is one of the most effective ways to build backlinks for your site. However, it’s also time consuming and without the help of proper tools, it can be an unrewarding task. Which is why you need to use a tool like LinkMiner to help you in this endeavor.

LinkMiner shows you backlink info and social data for any link on a page and export those links from a page onto a CSV file.

12 of the Best Chrome Extensions for SEO - LinkMiner

You can also use LinkMiner to find out how many total or external links are on the webpage you’re viewing.

7. SEO & Website Analysis 

SEO & Website Analysis is a Chrome extension by WooRank which provides an in-depth SEO report for any given website.

12 of the Best Chrome Extensions for SEO - WooRank

When you click on the WooRank extension icon, the tool opens a right menu with an SEO analysis of the website covering stats such as traffic estimations, traffic rank, adwords traffic, etc.

It also provides on page and off page data such as title, meta description, meta keywords, headings, text/HTML ratio, internal and external links, anchor text, etc.

8. Google Analytics URL Builder

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool to track your website traffic.

The URL Builder extension is a useful add-on to quickly tag the URLs that you want to be tracked in your Google Analytics campaigns.

12 of the Best Chrome Extensions for SEO - Google Analytics URL Builder

To use this extension, click on the URL Builder icon which looks like a shopping cart. The tool will then automatically capture the current URL of the page. You will then need to complete a form including fields like the source, medium, campaign, etc.

Once you’ve filled the form, the tool will autogenerate the final URL. You can then share this new tagged link through your social media accounts and track them independently using Google Analytics.

9. Redirect Path

Redirects are an important part of SEO. Redirect Path will show you all the redirects from the URL you entered to your final URL

The extension flags up 301, 302, 404 and 500 HTTP Status Codes as well as client side redirects like Meta and Javascript redirects, bringing potential issues that may not otherwise be seen.

12 of the Best Chrome Extensions for SEO - Redirect Path

The plugin also displays other HTTP Headers (such as server types and caching headers) and the server IP Address at the click of a button.

10. Link Grabber

Link Grabber allows you to extracts links from a webpage and display them in another tab. You can also automatically block links from a configurable list of domains.

12 Best SEO Chrome Extensions - Link Grabber

These links are clickable, and you can also copy/paste them onto a spreadsheet.

11. Page Load Time

Site speed is an important SEO factor which influences your site’s rankings. If your visitors can’t load a page quickly, more often than not, they’ll leave.

12 Best SEO Chrome Extensions - Page Load Time

Page Load Time measures the loading time of a particular webpage and displays it in the toolbar.

You can see if any redirects are taking too long to load or if your server response time is too long. You can then use data obtained from this extension to speed up your site’s loading time.

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12. Bit.ly

There are tons of URL shorteners out there, but Bit.ly is arguably the best among them.

The Bit.ly extension allows you to shorten URLs quickly, and even lets you track stats such as the number of clicks a link got.

12 of the Best SEO Chrome Extensions - Bitly

When you click on this extension icon, it will automatically give you a shortened URL to use which you can then share directly from the popup window.

Summary & Infographic

By now, your web browser must be loaded with extensions to make SEO easier on a day-to-day basis. Test them out and see how much value they are adding to your SEO efforts.

Here’s an infographic on Google Chrome SEO Extensions. Please feel free to share it on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter.

12 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO [Infographic]

What’s your favorite Google Chrome SEO extension? Let us know in the comments below.

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Editor’s Note: This article was first published on Jan 19, 2017 and has been updated regularly since then for relevance and comprehensiveness.

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  1. This is an awesome list – So many great tools mentioned. I have used many of these some of my present favorites are Mozbar and Ninja-Outreach. I just recently signed up for Ninja outreach and it really useful tool for Outreach. Have you tried checkmylinks chrome extension to check broken links of a website.


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