Marketing Mantra Podcast by 99signals

Marketing Mantra Podcast by 99signals

Marketing Mantra is a weekly podcast by, hosted by Sandeep Mallya.

If you’re an entrepreneur, blogger, small business owner, marketer, or someone simply interested in marketing, you’re sure to find something useful and interesting in each episode.

Join us each Thursday for a new episode and get better at marketing, SEO, and blogging.

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Marketing Mantra Podcast Episodes

Marketing Mantra Episode #2: Instagram IGTV: 7 Tips to Optimize Your Videos

In this episode of the Marketing Mantra podcast, I talk about Instagram IGTV, a new feature from Instagram that allows you to upload long-form vertical videos to the platform. These videos can be up to an hour long.

I also reveal 7 marketing tips and best practices you can follow to make your IGTV videos stand out and get noticed. If you’ve considered getting your IGTV channel up and running on Instagram, this episode is for you.

To learn more about the marketing tips discussed in this podcast, visit:

Links to tools/apps discussed in the podcast:

SooMov: (iOS)

Marketing Mantra Episode #1: 3 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs and Marketers

With tons of business podcasts on iTunes, Google Play, & Spotify, it can sometimes be overwhelming for marketers to keep track of all of them.

So in this inaugural episode of the Marketing Mantra podcast, I’ll talk about 3 of my favorite marketing podcasts. These are the 3 podcasts I’d recommend to all marketers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners out there.