SearchEye Review: The Future of Link Building and Branding

SearchEye Review: The Future of Link Building and Branding

Suppose you have just brought your startup to life, and you’re eager to boost your search rankings and brand awareness.

There are a number of things you can do to achieve just that, including:

  • Bankroll a costly PR agency with no surefire results
  • Engage with a multitude of relevant publishers – a demanding, time-intensive endeavor
  • Cultivate an in-house team, which is often a pricey alternative.

But what if there was a simpler, more efficient method?

What if you could secure links, brand mentions, and even interviews from thousands of publishers with just a few clicks?

This is precisely the solution SearchEye brings to the table.

In this article, I’ll provide an in-depth review of SearchEye. You’ll learn about its features, how it works, and pricing options. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of SearchEye and whether or not it’s the right platform for you.

What is SearchEye?


SearchEye is a B2B platform designed to foster collaboration between enterprises and publishers, facilitating brand mentions.

Businesses benefit from vital brand mentions that enhance their search rankings, while publishers receive exceptional content (with expert sources) and credits/tokens usable for their own future brand mentions. It’s a mutually beneficial system!

What sets SearchEye apart? Here’s a snapshot:

Link Building

Link building can be a tiresome, repetitive process.

Why burden your in-house team with tasks they neither relish nor can feasibly execute at scale?

SearchEye shoulders the responsibility of fortifying your domain authority through proven techniques and a vast network of high-caliber website partnerships.

Their “3PM Links” is a daily list of link opportunities delivered straight to your inbox for you to choose from at your convenience.

Quotes and Brand Mentions

With SearchEye, brands can seamlessly incorporate expert quotes and brand mentions into publishers’ content. This feature not only elevates the content’s credibility with data-driven insights but also bolsters brand recognition.

By simplifying the traditionally complex outreach process, SearchEye ensures valuable, relevant exposure for businesses across various industries.

Full Feature Interviews

To amplify brand visibility and credibility, SearchEye provides you with the opportunity to secure features on renowned websites such as Vimeo, American Express, AT&T, and more.

They ensure your brand reaches the right audience and aids in establishing you as a leading figure in your industry.

Podcasts & Social Media Mentions (Upcoming)

In an effort to further boost brand visibility and reputation, SearchEye is working on features that will enable you to secure mentions on big-name podcasts and social media platforms.

This will ensure that your brand reaches an even wider audience, cementing your position as an industry leader.

Let’s take a deep dive into the SearchEye platform and what makes the product awesome!

How SearchEye Bridges the Divide Between Businesses and Publishers

Here’s the harsh truth: Establishing connections with publishers and acquiring links at scale is a challenging feat.

Publishers are overwhelmed with requests from businesses seeking links, and they are often reluctant to engage with unfamiliar or untrusted entities.

From a publisher’s perspective, finding partnerships with high-quality websites that provide excellent content or significant value is equally difficult.

Consider an instance where ClickUp desires to collaborate with HubSpot on an article – the process is typically long and strenuous. Here’s an example of the current process:


This is precisely where SearchEye enters the scene. They connect businesses and publishers, making it easier for them to find each other and work together.

Their platform unites businesses with publishers who are actively seeking link building and Digital PR opportunities.

This makes it effortless for enterprises to secure high-quality mentions while offering publishers valuable content that their audience will appreciate.

With SearchEye, businesses can swiftly and seamlessly expand their search marketing efforts, while publishers gain access to superior content for their audience. The platform boasts an expansive network of partnerships and seasoned professionals who have devoted their careers to this field.

You gain the advantage of their extensive network as well as their skilled digital marketing specialists and writers who can help you reach your objectives efficiently.

Intriguing, isn’t it? Let’s delve into how you can register with SearchEye and what the onboarding process entails.

Exploring the SearchEye Platform

Creating an Account on SearchEye

The onboarding process is pretty straightforward — it only took me around 3 minutes to get everything set up from scratch.

First, you need to enter basic information such as your name, email, and name of your business/agency.

SearchEye Setup

Next, you are prompted to enter details pertaining to your website: The URL, industry of your company, location you want to target, and your estimated budget for link building. You also have the option to add keywords you would like to rank for.

SearchEye Setup Step 2

Next, you are asked if you’d like to subscribe to 3PM Links. I’d advise you to do so, because it is a daily email where you get link building opportunities sent straight to your inbox (More on that later).

You get to choose the frequency with which you receive these emails because let’s face it: no one likes spam.

SearchEye Settings

Finally, you have the option to add your team. They will all receive a quick email to help them access a shared dashboard for SearchEye, and you also get the functionality to assign role based access with different levels of privileges.

SearchEye Setup - Step 4

Once you’ve integrated your website into the SearchEye platform and completed the onboarding process, the system commences the curation of a personalized array of link opportunities. It also furnishes other relevant details, such as potential traffic, SEO score, and the deadline for link application.

Placing Your First Order on SearchEye

To place an order, all you need to do is select from their list of publishing opportunities tailored specifically for you.

SearchEye - First Order

Each link building opportunity on the SearchEye platform is packed with crucial information, including:

  • Deadline: The date by which the writers are slated to start work on the guest post, necessitating that you place an order before this date to guarantee your link placement.
  • Duration: This column indicates the estimated time for the guest post to go live on the external website, providing a rough timeline for when you can anticipate your link to be live for tracking and SEO purposes.
  • DR (Domain Rating): For those new to the concept, DR is the domain rating of the website. Google’s algorithm gauges the credibility of websites based on various parameters and assigns a score, reflected in this section. A high domain rating implies that the website is credible and likely to aid your ranking if your website’s link is placed there.
  • Traffic: This metric signifies the monthly organic traffic the selected website receives, providing an indication of the potential visibility of the guest post and prospective visits to your website.
  • Score: SearchEye incorporates an AI recommendation engine that generates a unique score personalized for you. Based on this score, it recommends guest post opportunities that can deliver maximum value to your website.
  • Price: Quite simply, this is the cost of securing mentions in upcoming posts.

After you’ve chosen the website(s) where you’d like your link to appear, you can navigate to the order form. Here, you have additional customization options such as:

  • Specifying the anchor text for the link
  • Opting to approve the content before publishing
  • Requesting a notification when the link is live.
SearchEye Review - Customize Order

And voila! That’s all there is to it. Once your order is placed, you can sit back and relax as the SearchEye team takes the helm.

Harnessing Your Options: Active Opportunities vs Entire Inventory

SearchEye presents two distinct product paths to address your link-building and brand-mention requirements: Active Opportunities and Entire Inventory.

SearchEye Guest Posts

Active Opportunities involve new articles that are presently in progress. These articles provide a canvas for either a link to your site or a brand mention.

This feature allows you to embed your brand in fresh, relevant content, ensuring organic integration and heightened visibility among your target audience.

Conversely, the Entire Inventory utilizes SearchEye’s broad network of over 5,000 enduring partnerships.

With this, you can choose from two possibilities depending on the nature of the specific relationship.

The first is a New Article option, where a unique piece of content is meticulously crafted with your brand in focus. This option offers you the utmost level of customization and control over your brand’s portrayal.

Alternatively, you can choose an addition to an existing page on the site, which could be a link to your website or a media mention of your brand.

This approach presents a swift way to have your brand showcased on an established page with pre-existing traffic, providing immediate exposure and potential traffic influx to your site.

Both options are designed to meet your specific needs and preferences, offering a tailored strategy to augment your brand’s online presence.

Unpacking 3PM Links and SearchEye’s Sourcing Strategy

Compelling content hosted on top-tier websites is a proven strategy to bolster organic traffic and drive business growth.

To keep you ahead in the SEO landscape, SearchEye dispatches a list of prospective link-building opportunities to your inbox daily at 3 PM.

By opting into this service, you’ll benefit from their proprietary AI recommendation engine.

This intelligent system sorts through its vast database to present you with the most pertinent link-building opportunities, designed to positively impact your website metrics.

SearchEye 3PM Links

So, how does SearchEye make it happen?

SearchEye thrives on a community network comprising thousands of high-quality, participating websites. Within this network, websites can share forthcoming articles slated for publication, available for a set fee or bid.

Moreover, they boast a team of link building experts who have honed their skills through years of manual outreach, fostering invaluable partnerships along the way.

With thousands of guest posts attributed to their name, they’ve carved out a reputation as a reliable link-building provider, trusted by high-quality websites globally.

You can learn more about SearchEye’s sourcing process here.

SearchEye Links Pro Membership

SearchEye is committed to innovation, continuously developing and introducing new features to assist businesses in scaling their organic traffic and building their brand effectively.

Recently, they unveiled the “Links Pro” membership program, offering unique link opportunities and benefits unparalleled in the industry.

SearchEye Links Pro Membership

Firstly, they offer flat-rate links – if you’re aiming for sustained link building to expand your business, they provide attractive discounts to make it more affordable.

During the membership application, you choose the number of monthly tokens you require (1 token = 1 link), enabling you to reap significant savings over time, potentially amounting to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Another distinct feature exclusively available to Links Pro members is “Exclusive Links.”

Dreaming of being featured on a premier site like HubSpot? Perhaps you’ve just launched a phone dealership and believe a mention on AT&T’s website could amplify your sales?

Historically, such link building opportunities necessitated substantial investment and were beyond the reach of small startups. But now, SearchEye has democratized this process, making it accessible to businesses worldwide.

Upcoming Features: Podcasts and Social Media Mentions

Podcasts have emerged as a favorite platform for information consumption, and SearchEye is tapping into this trend by securing spots for their clients on pertinent podcasts.

By forging alliances with podcast creators, they’re facilitating new audience exposure and directing traffic to their clients’ websites.

SearchEye Podcast Mentions

Additionally, SearchEye is introducing social media mentions to further assist their clients in achieving visibility and driving traffic.

Leveraging their vast network of publishers and influencers, they’re pinpointing opportunities for their clients to receive mentions on various social media platforms.

By integrating these strategies with their link-building services, SearchEye offers a holistic approach to enhancing enterprises’ digital footprint and boosting organic website traffic.

SearchEye vs the Competition

SearchEye boasts a vast network of high-quality partnerships, enabling it to offer you substantial benefits.

Obtaining such premium links at scale is a daunting task for an in-house team. Their proprietary AI recommendation engine also provides pertinent and top-tier opportunities that fuel tangible returns. Say farewell to subpar, spammy links.

You can even join their network by offering link placements on your website, and get compensated for it. This can help balance the cost of orders on their platform and spur the kind of organic growth most businesses only dream of. However, they only accept websites with a Domain Authority of over 50.

With unwavering confidence in their services, SearchEye offers a guarantee on all their offerings. Should they fail to deliver on their promises (a rare occurrence), you can request a full refund.

They also provide round-the-clock customer support to assist with any issues related to your orders.

🤔 Doesn’t This Sound Similar to HARO?

HARO (Help a Reporter Out), with its similar product offerings and a longer presence in the market, is often used as a benchmark when comparing such platforms.

While both HARO and SearchEye cater to publishers, they serve distinct purposes.

HARO excels at connecting journalists with sources, while SearchEye provides comprehensive link and brand building services for businesses of all sizes.

I was able to upload my first assignment for, took me less than a minute:

SearchEye Assignment

I recommend experimenting with both platforms to discern which better suits your needs. Here’s a quick comparison of their key differences:

Feature HARO SearchEye
Community Established Expanding
Managed Services None - after link posting, you're on your own Support extends up to 6 months after your link or content goes live
Development Platform has seen little change over the past decade Regularly updated with new features
Customized Services No - limited product offering Yes - assistance with screening and filtering
Spam Potential for low quality links and collaborations Only vetted, high quality collaboration opportunities
Target Customers Journalists Enterprises and Agencies

Final Verdict

SearchEye is a groundbreaking platform addressing a critical need for every brand and agency online. Digital marketers understand the challenges of link-building – not to mention it being a rather tedious task.

Collaborating with SearchEye allows you to concentrate on growing your business while they ensure you reach the audience you merit.

I highly recommend giving them a try. Sign up for SearchEye and experience it for yourself!

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  1. Interesting tool!! I have not done much of link-building, and somehow HARO hasn’t worked out frest either.

    This tool SearchEye seems a good fit for me. Will try it out. Thanks for sharing!


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