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Email Marketing Performance Calculator [2018]Do you use email marketing to generate traffic and leads to your website? If you do, then you might be wondering how effective your email marketing campaigns are in comparison to others in the same industry. How is your open rate compared to the industry average? What’s a healthy bounce rate? Is your unsubscribe rate too high?

If you’d like to find answers to these questions, then you need to use our email marketing performance calculator.

This email marketing performance calculator will help you find out how your email marketing stats compare to others in the same industry.

Find Your Email Marketing Performance Score

As email marketing continues to evolve, email marketing performance has become more important than ever. According to Business2Community, 85% of marketers agree that email marketing performance is on the rise.

When all said and done, it doesn’t matter how optimized your emails are if you can’t see the results.

So check your email marketing performance score to see where your campaigns stand amongst your peers.

Answer a few simple questions below and find out your email marketing performance score.

(Note: If you have trouble opening the calculator below, visit this link to answer the questions and get your score.)

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99signals Editorial
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