Review: Marketing Analytics and Automation Tool for Your Needs Review: Marketing Analytics and Automation Tool for Your Needs

Are you tired of having to report on your marketing campaign results manually? Do you spend hours gathering data scattered in different apps to identify why some ads are underperforming? In today’s data-driven world, one can’t do without a comprehensive marketing analytics tool to automate and analyze data flows.

And it keeps getting better, some tools not only eliminate the need for tedious manual updates and reporting, but they also automatically integrate data from multiple sources into one place.

In this review, we’ll look at such marketing analytics software, its features and benefits. Let’s dive in.

What is

Coupler logo is a full-scale analytics and automation platform that helps to create a unified view of data in one place. It’s a solid solution to automatically combine data from different apps, process it, and compile rich reports.

With this marketing analytics tool, professionals can better measure the performance of their campaigns, create visually appealing dashboards, and obtain insights for data-driven decisions and marketing strategies.

Here’s a short video to check’s capabilities in action:


Before choosing a marketing analytics tool, learning about its capabilities is crucial. Compared to other platforms, has several strong points that we will examine below.

A Full-Scale Marketing Analytics Tool

One outstanding thing about is its versatile functionality. It allows users to gather, transform, and examine their marketing data – full analytics and management cycle.

You can choose among many data sources and build a holistic picture of your marketing activities or examine particular projects, team performance, and campaigns.

To understand the data easily, allows you to build real-time reports and dashboards. Digging deeper into your marketing data smoothly is possible with examples of company dashboards. They guide users for every channel or activity, the results of which they want to display.

The process is simple, requiring some time for the initial setup. You need to pick the data source (an app or platform); then pick a dashboard template; run the importer, and you’ll see the fresh data. Since is an automated marketing analytics tool, you can track the efficiency of your campaign in real-time, as all data will be refreshed automatically.

Coupler Dashboard Examples

For example, you want to Facebook Ads to Looker Studio and monitor daily performance metrics with the Facebook Ads reporting dashboard. By exporting Mailchimp data to Google Sheets, you can analyze the performance of your email campaigns to get insights into customer engagement with your messages. And there are more use cases for utilizing an analytics platform.

The cherry on top is that the reports and dashboards you create with this tool are shareable, and you can choose their format. As mentioned, it can be a visually appealing dashboard with highlights, a full-spreadsheet report with all the data, or others. This way, all team members can access the most up-to-date information, eliminating possible misunderstandings due to outdated statistics.

Save Time With this Ads Reporting Tool

Another advantage of can be useful for experts seeking a PPC reporting tool or social media analytics solution.

Marketers know that compiling ads data and building reports may take hours. Especially if there’s a need to update those reports weekly and share them with the team.

Each ads platform offers a typical PPC reporting tool functionality, so users can examine their campaigns within a platform, be it Bing Ads or any other platform. However, such analytics is usually limited and requires checking each platform separately. If you like to examine data from multiple ads and social media platforms, will come in handy.

For example, you use LinkedIn Ads reporting to learn which ads your customers interact with. At the same time, you employ Google Ads reporting for checking CPC and other metrics. You check separate reports from each platform. Why not check all the data in one place?

With a one-stop-shop platform like, you can then fetch and combine data from the ads platforms to analyze it. Data exported and stored in one place will help you have a more unified vision of your results:

Ads Dashboard - Coupler

Even the Starter plan enables you to connect multiple ad sources like Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and others.

If you want even more profound analytics, you can select integrations with Premium sources – from Amazon Ads to AdRoll. With this PPC reporting tool, you can increase the effectiveness of your existing advertising campaigns and focus on scaling them.

Automate Routine Tasks

We shouldn’t forget that is a no-code automation tool. Apart from ready-made integrations that automatically synchronize data within apps, there are more features to leverage automation.

For instance, one can enjoy an auto-refresh option. With this automation platform, you can set a schedule to export data from chosen apps automatically. Save time by not having to manually launch data syncs for reports and focus on examining self-updating business reports. enables you to tailor auto-refresh to your specific needs ‒ from every 15 minutes to every hour/day/month, etc. - Auto-refresh

Another feature highlighting the automation capabilities of is webhooks. Simply, you can trigger your data flows by some events. For example, you have a flow of exporting customer data from Pipedrive to MS Excel. When a few new customers are added to Pipedrive, the importer will automatically send new records to your report. Alternatively, you have a set of automatic data imports that are refreshed daily, once they’re finished, you receive a notification to a messenger to check a fresh report.

Such automation can be useful to those marketers who lead projects, analyze team performance, monitor invoicing and budgets, and more. It will save a lot of time to process and analyze many aspects of daily tasks when you have them automated. doesn’t require complex technical knowledge to use webhooks and automation features. Besides, you can always reach out to their support to assist you. Even more, if you need some advanced solutions for automation and analytics, there’s an option to use data consultancy services along the way.

Key Features of

Now it’s time to discover the main features this analytics and automation platform offers. We will focus on four main areas and how these features can help you take your marketing campaigns or general business analytics to the next level.

Data Integration is known for its integration capabilities. There are over 200 integrations with a wide choice of sources. Data integration allows users to enjoy quick and easy solutions to fetch data from various sources in one place. One can easily export and transform data from:

  • marketing platforms like Mailchimp
  • CRMs like HubSpot ads
  • platforms like Google Ads
  • social media like LinkedIn
  • eCommerce sources like Shopify

Moreover, the set of data sources isn’t limited to marketing sources. Users can export data from project management, accounting, time management, surveys, and other solutions. You can also reach for custom integrations specific to the company’s needs and requirements. It makes a tool for overall business data management.

With, you can pull the info on schedule and export it to one of the sources: Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Google BigQuery, and Looker Studio.

Data Analytics

Companies can examine their data from various apps synchronized with the help of this automation platform. makes analytics easier as all data can be stored in one place, it’s always up-to-date and comprehensive.

Marketers (and not only) can make better data-driven decisions to change the course of actions and improve existing strategies thanks to real-time analytics. One can build insightful reports and share them with stakeholders.

Data Visualization

Using, you can load your data directly to Looker Studio. With extra integrations, you can send data to other BI tools like Tableau or Power BI, and visualize the results for better understanding.

Coupler - Data Visualization

Visualization can help you better understand a myriad of data. It is a great approach for exploring gaps, detecting trends, and predicting patterns fast. You’ll have all the metrics and historical perspectives on one screen. You can then communicate these insights to people outside the team with shareable options.

Data Transformation

Before moving your data from a particular source to a desired destination, you can edit it with an easy-to-navigate Transform module. This module enables you to change data during transfer. Namely, you can rename, reorder, or hide data that needs adjustments.

In addition, has a data stitching capability. So, marketers can fetch data from multiple marketing channels and combine it in one destination.

With the Transform module, you can also enjoy crunching the numbers by employing automatic simple math formulas and tailoring advanced calculations for your analytics.

This feature is helpful when you want to choose some metrics and records to shape a highlights report, a report with specific data for a contractor, or you need to prepare your data to import it further to other destinations.

What Users Say About is a well-rated tool on review platforms. Users gave 4.9/5 to at Capterra and G2. Their Google Sheets add-on has more than 788,000 downloads and 4.8 out of 5 stars on The Google Workspace Marketplace.

Users find this marketing analytics tool to be a real-time-saver with intuitive UX. In parallel, there are many positive reviews regarding the capabilities of regarding Google Sheets functionality. People emphasize its BigQuery integrations as well.

As for the downsides, some users had issues with getting a grasp of advanced features (where a bit of coding or custom solutions were needed). However, they claim that the team is really supportive and helped with their concerns. Also, there are old comments on the lack of integration, but the number of available integrations significantly grew. Pricing

Before choosing a pricing plan, you can try out for free for 14 days. You’ll get access to all data sources and an unlimited number of users to see which subscription plan will work best for your needs. has three monthly pricing plans:

  • Starter – $64/month
  • Squad – $132/month
  • Business – $332/month

However, you can save up to 25% if you choose to pay annually, with the Starter plan becoming $49, Squad $99, and Business $249.

Besides these three plans, larger companies can reach to tailor a unique offer for enterprises considering their specific needs and requirements.

Additionally, offers custom integrations and data analytics consulting services. The pricing is discussed individually based on the needs. Growth is a relatively young product. A few years ago, it was just a data connector that could import data from some sources to Google Sheets. Now, it’s a platform with solid functionality to cover data management, analysis, and visualization.

The number of data sources and destinations has increased. Most popular apps and software that marketers, accountants, business owners, and other specialists use daily are now presented as ready-made integrations. Still, this number grows constantly. The same relates to data sources.

The versatility and functionality of the product are also improved. A few months ago, 2.0 was launched with more data manipulation options.

Notably, this growth is noticed in the community. So won Martech BreakThrough Award 2023 as the Best Interaction Data Analytics Solution.

Coupler - MarTech Award

Final Thoughts serves as a one-stop solution for data analytics and automation. From small businesses to large enterprises ‒ companies can leverage their data analytics with this platform.

Marketers would enjoy this automation and integration platform for its simplicity, intuitive UX, and capabilities to improve advertising campaigns. It’s a great choice for PPC experts aiming at eliminating the pains of manual reporting. For other marketing channel specialists, this platform can be a solid choice for reporting and analysis. makes it easier to find bottlenecks in your marketing campaigns and improve them to achieve better results.

At the same time, having a variety of data sources, can help with overall business reporting and analytics, so it can be useful for different specialists seeking to unlock the true power of data.

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