Collaborator Review: PR Distribution Marketplace for Publishers and Advertisers

Collaborator Review: PR Distribution Marketplace for Publishers and Advertisers

Are you looking for new ways to monetize your website?

Or maybe you’re an advertiser looking to boost your brand’s credibility through authoritative backlinks?

Enter Collaborator — a game-changing PR distribution marketplace that’s designed to address both of these challenges effectively.

Here’s the thing: Once your website gains traction and attracts a steady flow of traffic, it becomes important to think about innovative ways to monetize your content.

The possibilities are endless, ranging from AdSense and affiliate marketing to crafting in-depth courses and membership sites for your audience.

However, the journey can be made significantly smoother with the inclusion of a platform like Collaborator that helps you connect with top-notch advertisers and enables you to monetize your content via strategic guest posting.

In this post, we deep dive into Collaborator and explain its key features from both publisher and advertiser perspective.

By the end of this post, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether to sign up and invest in this platform.

Let’s dive in.

What is Collaborator? - Overview

Collaborator is a PR distribution marketplace that connects advertisers and publishers. Its main goal is to help spread advertising through guest posts on authoritative platforms, providing a straightforward and effective way for brands to gain global exposure.

For advertisers, Collaborator offers exclusive access to a massive network of over 27,000 websites across various niches. This diverse pool increases the chances of finding relevant placements for your guest posts, potentially boosting their reach and SEO.

For publishers, Collaborator offers a hassle-free approach to making money from their websites. By joining this platform, website owners can leverage a diverse pool of advertisers, allowing them to capitalize on their website traffic and enhance their revenue through strategic advertising partnerships.

Bottom line: Both website owners and advertisers can access Collaborator’s vast network to build meaningful connections and level up their business.

How to Use Collaborator: Website Monetization for Publishers

Collaborator provides a smooth and effortless process for publishers to integrate their websites into its network and start earning revenue.

Here’s a quick breakdown on how to create a free account on Collaborator and add your website.

The first step is to sign up for Collaborator with your email address.

When you’re on the sign-up page and entering your details, make sure to select “Publisher” as your user role. Publisher Profile

Once you’ve verified your email address, log into the dashboard, click on “Add Site,” and enter your website URL.

Adding a site -

The next step is to confirm ownership of your website. There are two ways you can verify your website: via integration with Google Analytics or through a HTML code that you’ll need to download and upload to your site.

Site ownership -

I’d recommend verifying your website via Google Analytics because this will allow advertisers to view your traffic stats for the last 6 months, helping them in making better advertising choices for your site.

After verification, provide a description of your website and requirements for advertising posts. You’ll also need to mention the specific sections on your website where the sponsored guest posts will be placed. - Site Description

Craft a description that really stands out and targets advertisers directly.

Dive into the reasons why your site is the top pick for advertisers. Maybe it’s your impressive traffic stats, engaged audience, or niche market.

Highlight these perks to show advertisers why your site is the ideal spot for their campaigns.

Next, enter the theme (niche), add relevant keywords in your niche, and country. You can mention up to 3 countries here — check your geographic traffic distribution on Google Analytics and select countries where you get the maximum number of traffic. - Site Information

Once you’ve entered all these details, hit the “Submit” button. Your website will then be queued for moderation. Once it’s approved, you’ll receive an email from the Collaborator team.

That’s it — your website is now a part of the Collaborator network, and advertisers can choose to place ads on your site via guest posts based on the information provided and traffic data.

Alternatively, if you’d like to monetize your Telegram channel, you can add your Telegram channel to Collaborator’s catalog. The main criterion is to have at least 500 subscribers to your channel.

To add your channel, click on the “Telegram” icon located on the left-navigation menu and select “Add channel.”

Enter your Telegram address, confirm ownership, and add a detailed description of your channel. The process is similar to how you would register your website with Collaborator. - Telegram channel

After submitting these details, your Telegram channel will undergo a moderation process. You will get a confirmation email from the Collaborator team once your channel is included in the catalog.

How to Use Collaborator (as an Advertiser)

From an advertising standpoint, Collaborator offers an extensive selection of websites across various industries to place your ads in the form of guest posts and press releases.

Here’s an outline of how to set up your advertiser account on Collaborator.

On the sign up page, choose “Advertiser” as your role. - Advertiser Role

When you’re logged into the dashboard, click on the “Add Project” button.

Next, add your project details – website URL, project name, theme/industry, country, and task for the publisher. - Project Details

Pro Tip: Really dig into the specifics when describing your task. It’s a solid strategy to get publishers on the same page, and it can seriously ramp up the quality of the results.

Next, enter your target pages (anchor text and URL). These pages will be the links that will be included in the guest post. - Target Pages

Once you’ve created your project, you’ll be able to access the catalog of websites to publish your guest posts or press releases. - Site Catalog

You can use the advanced filtering options to narrow down the list of sites until you find the most relevant website for your advertising needs. We’ll explain this in more detail in the “Key Features” section.

Collaborator: Key Features

In this section, we’ll provide a breakdown of some of the top features in Collaborator for both advertisers and publishers.

Google Analytics Integration

Collaborator offers a seamless Google Analytics integration for publishers so advertisers can view accurate traffic metrics for your website when they’re browsing through the catalog. - GA Stats

This integration scores bonus points to your website’s ranking within the Collaborator system. But more importantly, it helps raise your credibility and improves the likelihood of landing high-value advertising deals on the platform.

As an advertiser, you can move the cursor over the Google Analytics icon in the catalog to view a website’s geographic traffic distribution and the organic/referral traffic ratio from the past six months. - GA4 Stats

Ahrefs Integration

Ahrefs’ Domain Rating (DR) has quickly gained traction in the SEO community and serves as a benchmark for evaluating a website’s overall quality.

Collaborator acquires this data for a website and presents it next to the site’s profile in the catalog. - Ahrefs DR

This provides advertisers with an additional criterion to help them decide if they should advertise on a specific website.

You can also view additional Ahrefs data by clicking on any website in the site catalog.

Ahrefs Data -

You’ll also be able to view the site’s Ahrefs rank, estimated organic traffic, total number of referring domains and backlinks, organic keywords, alongside other data.

If you’re an Ahrefs user, you can view the full SEO report of the site by clicking on the “See full report” button located below the widget.

Variety of Audience Data

In addition to Google Analytics and Ahrefs-related metrics, Collaborator also provides additional website metrics and audience data to help advertisers make an informed decision.

To view these metrics, you’ll need to click on a specific website and scroll down until you find traffic stats. - SEO Metrics

Here you’ll be able to view the site’s Trust Flow and Citation Flow (SEO metrics used by Majestic), Domain Authority (used by Moz; similar to Ahrefs’ DR), Google index (number of pages indexed on Google), domain age, and Serpstat Data (Serpstat DR, referring domains, incoming links).

Advanced Filtering Options

You can use the advanced filters placed on top of the catalog to really narrow down the list of websites where you’d like to be featured.

You can use filters like subject, publication announcement (free/paid), country, price, traffic, and placement format. - Catalog Filters

You can further narrow the options by using the additional filters like keywords, trust score, Serpstat data, site type, reviews, and more. - Extra Filters

Bottom line: Collaborator makes it easy by allowing you to really go granular when it comes to finding the most contextual website for your advertising and promotional needs.

User-Friendly Interface

Both website owners and advertisers benefit greatly from the user-friendly interface of Collaborator.

For website owners, it simplifies the process of identifying the most suitable brands for collaboration and unlocking new ways to monetize their content.

Meanwhile, advertisers can find the most relevant websites for their advertising needs and engage more successfully with their audience, thanks to the platform’s effective targeting tools.

Useful Reviews

Collaborator offers a feature where advertisers can provide ratings and share their feedback following a collaboration with a publisher.

This functionality ensures transparency, as the ratings and the total count of reviews for each website are displayed prominently in the catalog. - ratings and reviews

Advertisers looking for more in-depth information can easily access these reviews.

By clicking on any website in the catalog, they can read detailed testimonials and experiences shared by other advertisers. - Reviews

This feature provides valuable insights into the performance and reliability of publishers, helping advertisers make more informed decisions when choosing their collaboration partners.

Low Fees

Collaborator’s commission structure is beneficial for both publishers and advertisers.

Publishers enjoy a modest withdrawal fee of just 15%, while advertisers benefit from a low deposit fee of only 10%.

But that’s not all — agencies and teams can take advantage of the option to create a master account. This feature is a game-changer, streamlining communication and project management.

With a master account, you can seamlessly invite clients and colleagues, bringing everyone together in one unified space to manage projects more efficiently and effectively.

Collaborator: Customer Support

When a platform like Collaborator serves two distinct groups – publishers and advertisers – stellar customer service isn’t just a perk, it’s a must-have. Ensuring that both sides of the platform have top-tier support is key to smooth operations and happy users all around.

Luckily, Collaborator understands this perfectly. They’ve put a strong focus on providing exceptional customer service that caters to the needs of both publishers and advertisers.

Collaborator offers customer support mainly via chat. If you run into any issues, you simply need to click on the “chat” icon located at the bottom-right of the dashboard and submit your query.

In my own experience, I faced some challenges while trying to integrate Google Analytics with my website on Collaborator. I reached out to their customer support, and they quickly responded, providing me with the necessary instructions to resolve the issue.

Furthermore, Collaborator offers an extensive FAQ section tailored for both advertisers and publishers. This section is designed to address the most frequently asked questions, providing comprehensive answers and guidance.

Collaborator Review: Final Verdict

To wrap things up, Collaborator is a top-tier PR distribution marketplace, offering great benefits for both publishers and advertisers.

It simplifies the process of website monetization for publishers, providing a streamlined way to integrate websites, verify ownership, and attract high-value advertising partnerships.

For advertisers, Collaborator provides a diverse selection of websites across multiple industries, enhanced by detailed project creation and advanced filtering options.

Whether you are a website owner looking to monetize your platform or an advertiser seeking targeted exposure, Collaborator is a robust tool that can significantly level up your online marketing efforts.

Click here to create your free account on Collaborator

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Collaborator is a top-tier PR distribution marketplace, offering great benefits for both publishers and advertisers. Whether you are a website owner looking to monetize your platform or an advertiser seeking targeted exposure, Collaborator is a robust tool that can significantly level up your online marketing efforts.Collaborator Review: PR Distribution Marketplace for Publishers and Advertisers
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