AppSumo Reviews and Walkthroughs: December 2018

Last month, we did in-depth video reviews and walkthroughs of two products offered by AppSumo — PromoRepublic, the social media content and automation tool, and Shorby, an Instagram marketing tool.

You can watch both these reviews below. We’ll continue to do video reviews and walkthroughs of AppSumo deals going forward as well. So be sure to subscribe to the 99signals YouTube channel where you can find the latest video reviews.

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Video Reviews and Walkthroughs: AppSumo Deals in December 2018

1. Shorby Review & Walkthrough – Supercharge Your Instagram Bio

Shorby is a tool that optimizes your Instagram traffic with clickable links, messengers, and social networks. Shorby allows you to sidestep the ‘one bio in link’ limitation with a link that will take Instagrammers to your custom profile.

Your Shorby custom profile can contain multiple links (YouTube videos, blog posts, etc.), links to your messengers (FB Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp), and links to your other social networks.

In this Shorby review, I’ll explain some of the key features of this Instagram optimization tool and do a quick walkthrough to show you how to create an optimized Shorby profile that will help you drive traffic to your website and social networks from Instagram.

Here’s a breakdown of this video for you:

  • 1:50 – What is Shorby?
  • 3:10 – Analysis of Shorby’s Pricing Plans
  • 5:23 – What’s included in the AppSumo Shorby deal
  • 6:25 – Shorby Walkthrough

Note: AppSumo’s Shorby deal is live on AppSumo for the first two weeks in January 2019. So grab it before it’s sold out. Click here to learn more about the deal.

2. PromoRepublic Review & Walkthrough – Social Media Content Creation & Automation Tool

PromoRepublic is a social commerce platform primarily aimed at small businesses to help them grow their presence on social media. It’s a social media content creation and automation tool that features a post ideas library with 100,000+ hand-crafted visuals, integrated photo stocks, and easy-to-use graphics editor.

It’s also integrated with every major social media platform you’d need to start posting.

In this PromoRepublic review, I’ll run through some of the key features of the tool and also do a quick walkthrough to show you how you can leverage PromoRepublic to generate content ideas for your social channels and perfectly time your posts on each channel by scheduling content in advance.

Here’s a breakdown of this video for you:

  • 1:50 – AppSumo Deal Summary – PromoRepublic
  • 3:33 – About PromoRepublic’s Smart Posting plan
  • 4:45 – What’s included in the AppSumo PromoRepublic deal
  • 6:18 – PromoRepublic Walkthrough – Key Features, Post Ideas Library, Graphic Editor, Social Media Content Calendar & Scheduler

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