Drip Review: Making Email Marketing Automation Easy and Affordable


Drip Review: Making Email Marketing Automation Easy and Affordable

Drip is unlike any other email marketing software on the market. Acquired by LeadPages in July 2016, Drip’s primary focus is on email marketing automation.

Automation is a key aspect of email marketing, a premium feature offered by email marketing service providers (ESPs) from Mailchimp to ConvertKit. And why not? According to HubSpot, 37% of B2B marketers use marketing automation to generate leads and according to Marketo, 91% of users believe that marketing automation is “very important” to the overall success of their marketing across channels.

But since automation is offered by most ESPs, what makes Drip so different from the existing services on the market? For starters, Drip believes marketing automation is the future of email marketing and as such, the tool offers some incredibly powerful automation features. Drip’s Visual Workflow Builder allows you to craft your entire user journey in a gorgeous, visual workflow.

Drip’s founders remind you how overpriced and difficult to use the existing marketing automation apps are and then pitch their product as the ultimate marketing automation tool which is not just affordable, but easy to use. Here, they are comparing Drip to premier automation tools such as HubSpot and Marketo. Secondly, Drip is aimed at users who have grown beyond the entry level features offered by existing email marketing services and hence, would like to try a more advanced automation tool which fits their budget and is easy to set up.

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However, the big question remains: Can you afford to add another ESP in your digital marketing toolkit? Is it worth it? In this review, we’ll evaluate Drip on these facotrs: pricing, features, and overall sentiment around the product, and help you decide whether it’s worth investing in yet another email marketing tool.


Drip’s pricing is list-based. As of now, you can try Drip for free for 21 days. Once the trial is over, you can go for any of these four pricing options:

  • Starter Plan: $1/Month: That’s right! You just have pay $1 per month to send unlimited emails to 100 subscribers. You’ll have access to all of Drip’s premium features, except you won’t be able to remove “Powered by Drip” branding from your opt-in forms.
  • Basic Plan: $49/Month: You can send unlimited emails to up to 2500 subscribers. Once again, you’ll have access to all features except the option to remove Drip branding.
  • Pro Plan: $99/Month: You can send unlimited emails to up to 5000 subscribers. Once again, you can’t remove the Drip branding from your opt-in forms.
  • High Volume: Custom Pricing: If you’d like to have more than 5000 subscribers stored in your account, then you’ll have to opt for this plan. Here, you can finally remove the Drip branding from your opt-in forms.


There’s more to Drip than sending drip emails. Here are some of its key features:

  • Visual Workflow Builder – Drip’s Visual Workflow Builder allows you to automate an entire customer journey, from the time someone subscribes to your blog till the time they make a purchase. At every step, they will receive pre-crafted emails designed specifically tailored for them.

Drip Review: Visual Workflow Builder

  • Opt-in FormsDrip offers several opt-in forms, including the standard embed optin forms that are consistent with the rest of your site’s design and content. Apart from these, they also offer opt-in forms that appear in lower left tab or right tab of the screen to grab the visitors’ attention. There is also an exit-triggered pop-up which you can use to capture visitors’ attention right before they leave the site.Drip Review: Drip offers several opt-in forms, including the standard embed optin forms that are consistent with the rest of your site’s design and content.
  • Powerful Automation – You can use automation to move subscribers in and out of campaigns, apply tags, record conversions, send them to an another application, and more
  • Lead Scoring Algorithm – Drip’s lead scoring algorithm allows you to track a number of events to determine which subscribers are most engaged with your content and likely to become customers.
  • Integrations – Drip is integrated with other popular services such as LeadPages, GumRoad, Zapier, SumoMe, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.
  • Analytics – Drip automatically tracks subscriber activity on your site along with a number of key performance metrics for opt-in forms and campaigns.

User Feedback and ReviewsDrip Review: Customer Feedback and Testimonials

While there are a few testimonials and reviews on Drip website, it’s yet to garner a lot of reviews on business software review sites such as G2Crowd, where it just has 2 reviews (both 5 star reviews FYI). This is understandable as it’s relatively new compared to other email services on the market. Furthermore, with LeadPages’ acquisition of Drip and the introduction of the Starter plan (the $1 plan), it’s sure to become more popular in the coming months.


With Drip offering a 21-day free trial to access all its premium features and with the Starter Plan costing only $1/month, it’s hard to pass up a service like Drip.

Marketing automation is essential to the success of a website, but it’s complex and in most cases, expensive. But Drip not just makes it simple and straightforward, but also makes it affordable.

Sign up for a 21-day FREE trial of Drip

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