Do You Need a Blog for Your Business? [Infographic]

Yes, you do need a blog unless you are happy with what you are making online. Or if you rely more on offline marketing and your website is merely a static page.

The latest report by State of Inbound says 63% of the marketers worldwide feel that generating traffic and footfalls is the main challenge. We know it well that no single strategy works for all businesses.

Digital marketing has a huge spectrum of activities and that’s where a marketer has his task cut out. To have a blog is just one of the things that drive it out but as important as other marketing activities.

Today, serious businesses and emerging startups don’t have a choice. Nearly 81% of the companies today consider their blog to be ‘useful’, ‘critical’ or ‘important’.  And if they do, then rest assured, it is updated at all days of the week.

Just like any other strategy, starting a blog will not increase your sales manifolds over the night. It takes a little time but you can measure the number of leads you have generated at the end of the year.

It’s even important to assess whether the numbers reflect the true picture of your blog. The rule of the thumb is to continually add quality content and keep the blog articles abreast with what’s hot in the industry.

This infographic below would help you learn more on blog creation and help you decide if you need one in the first place.

Do You Need a Blog for your Business? [Infographic]


  1. I was confused by the title 😀 I agree, a blog is a great ‘tool’ even if your business doesn’t need it, it’s a great thing to utilize and bring useful information to your customers making your company more friendly 🙂


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