Snovio Review: The Perfect Email Finder & Validator for Your Outreach Campaigns


Snovio Review: The Perfect Email Finder & Validator for Your Outreach CampaignsEmail outreach is an important aspect of any marketing strategy. All of the following activities can benefit greatly with a good email outreach plan.

  • Prospecting
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Guest Blogging
  • Soliciting Reviews and Ratings
  • Link Building

But here’s the thing: All the aforementioned tasks are challenging. They involve countless amounts of research and time, not just to unearth the information you need, but to also arrive at an effective outreach template that’s going to accomplish the job at hand. If you’re not able to find the email address of the right person, or worse still, end up sending your email to invalid email addresses, all that time spent researching would be wasted.

This is why you need a reliable email finder and validator tool by your side. One such tool is Snovio.

In this review, we’ll take a quick look at Snovio’s key features, the various pricing plans, and examine other factors that may help you decide whether this is a Google Chrome extension you should use.

What is Snovio?

Snovio is a Google Chrome extension which helps you find email addresses from LinkedIn profiles or websites. It also works as a standalone email address verifier, making your email contact list bounce-free.

Snovio Chrome Extension - Snovio Review

Using Snovio’s Google Chrome extension, you can find email addresses on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or any website you visit and send them an email from within the extension itself.

Click here to download the Snovio Chrome extension

Snovio Pricing

Here’s a quick glimpse of Snovio’s pricing plans:

  • XS (Forever Free) – 100 credits per month
  • S ($19/mo) – 1,000 credits per month
  • M ($49/mo) – 5,000 credits per month
  • L ($79/mo) – 25,000 credits per month
  • XL ($139/mo) – 50,000 credits per month

And here’s what each of these plans include:

Verified LinkedIn Emails1001,0005,00025,00050,000
Domain Searches1001,0005,00025,00050,000
Bulk Domain Searches505002,50012,50025,000
Unlimited Domain Emails
Free Technology Finder
Free Email SendingX
Upload and Verify Emails2002,00010,00050,000100,000
CSV ExportX

Based on your current requirements, you can select any of the plans above. Since there is a free plan available, it’d be wise to sign up for that first and if you are happy with the results, you can upgrade to any of the paid plans.

You can also opt for annual pricing on any of the above plans to get up to 10% discount on the final price. You can also get a higher discount (30% off on all plans) if you choose to subscribe via SNOV tokens, Snivio’s very own cryptocurrency.

Sign up with Snovio for free

Key Features

Let’s take a look at some of Snovio’s key features:

  • Domain Search: Snovio’s Domain Search tool helps you find all the email addresses from a specific domain. You can also use the bulk domain search option if you have many domains to search.
  • Email Verifier: With Snovio’s Email Verifier, you can clean thousands of emails within minutes. No matter how huge your email address list is, we will validate it within a reasonable amount of time.
  • LinkedIn Email Search: Snovio’s Chrome extension lets you find email addresses by visiting LinkedIn profiles. You can either do a search on LinkedIn itself or use Snovio’s Prospect Search Tool to find just the profiles you’re seeking.
  • Prospect Search: You can explore Snovio’s database to find prospects in no time.
  • Company Search: If you know the city, industry and country, Snovio will help you find the company profile. With this, you can contact just the right person in the right department.
  • Technology Checker: With the Technology Checker feature, you can check what CMS, marketing, web frameworks, software, analytics and eCommerce tools are used by your prospective clients (Ex: WordPress, Shopify, Google Analytics, etc.)
  • Linker: Recruiters can use Snovio’s Linker tool to find prospective candidates. Just enter the job title, skills and locations to find links to places where you can find candidate profiles.

Customer Support

Good software is always accompanied by exceptional support. Snovio takes care of this aspect particularly well. Snovio’s knowledge base contains answers to most of your questions regarding the Chrome extension.

In addition to this, Snovio also provides customer support via live chat, email, and phone.

Final Verdict

Snovio is an incredibly useful tool for lead generation and email outreach. It significantly reduces the time it takes to find relevant leads and streamlines the entire outreach process. All you have to do is download the Chrome extension and sign up for one of their plans. Since they have a forever free plan, there’s no reason not to give Snovio a try.

Snovio Review: The Perfect Email Finder & Validator for Your Outreach Campaigns
Ease of Use
Customer Support
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  1. It’s freakishly awesome and reliable service with a decent variety of features and tools. This completely saves my working life and makes it much easier as for me as for my sales team.

  2. Snovio is a good tool, was very helpful to find emails.
    I can also advise to use – one more great tool for email finding.


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