Top 9 Productivity Extensions for Chrome [Infographic]

Top 9 Productivity Extensions for Chrome [Infographic]This September Google Chrome completes 9 years since it was originally launched, back in 2008.

In July 2017, StatCounter reported 63.47 % browser market share for Chrome which is staggering by any means.

The number is only for desktop, though late last year, for the first time, users across the globe accessed internet on mobile devices more than they did on desktop.

The story isn’t any different for mobile. Chrome continues to dominate the space with over 1 billion application downloads on Playstore alone.

While the journey ahead, is tough for Firefox, Safari and others in the list, Chrome too needs to keep up with the momentum and not lax in the popularity of Google’s other channels.

As much as the end users are enjoying Chrome, independent developers too, are reaping in the opportunity by releasing tens of thousands of Chrome extensions every day.

Usually built using a strong framework, extensions involve less intricacy and delivers seamlessly on the user side, since limited functionality is to be achieved.

Catering to a diverse collection of internet users, the category is huge with something for everyone. Sales, support, marketing, privacy, social side, security, lifestyle, learning, education, aestheticism – the list is infinite.

While it’s good to know the top ones in each category, today we talk about some wonderful productivity extensions for Chrome. Take a look at this infographic – 

Top 9 Productivity Extensions for Chrome - Infographic

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