How Often Should You Blog? Use Our Blogging Frequency Calculator to Find Out


How Often Should You Blog? Use Our Blogging Frequency Calculator to Find OutHow often should you blog? The simple answer is as often as possible.

That’s because by publishing blog posts frequently, you’re not just increasing visitors to your website and leads for your business, but you’re also creating an opportunity to increase your visibility in search engines, increase social shares, and earn more authoritative backlinks.

There’s sufficient data to back up this claim. Check out this HubSpot chart below which shows the impact that the number of published blog posts per month has on website traffic:

Impact of Blog Posts [HubSpot Chart]

The above blogging data was unveiled when HubSpot did a study on the blogging habits of their 13,500+ customers.

The same study also revealed that companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5x more traffic than companies that published between 0-4 monthly posts.

The bottom line is that regardless of your company size or customer base (B2B vs. B2C), there is a positive correlation between the number of blog posts and traffic.

So what’s the optimal posting volume for your business? And what’s the exact percentage increase in traffic and leads you can expect by increasing your blogging frequency? This is the data our Blogging Frequency Calculator can help you figure out.

Use it below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

(Note: If you have trouble opening the calculator below, visit this link to use the Blogging Frequency calculator)


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