AppSumo Deals: Top Deals to Grab in June 2018


AppSumo Deals: Top Deals to Grab in June 2018

Important Note: The deals featured in this article have now expired. To check out the latest AppSumo deals, click here.

In May, the AppSumo team offered us amazing lifetime-access deals on stellar products like Botletter, Reportz, and my favorite, ContentStudio. A few other deals like MobileMonkey and adOptimizer are still live on the site, so if you hurry, you can grab them and save money on some much-needed software products for your business. 

Here’s hoping they will be able to deliver special deals on awesome products in June as well. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the platform, AppSumo offers weekly deals on the best tools for creating, growing, and scaling your online business.

Thanks to AppSumo, we were able to grab lifetime access to amazing tools such as Ninja OutreachMailshakeBeacon, and more.

The best part about the deals on AppSumo is that you get lifetime access to the products, meaning you just need to pay once for a software that follows a monthly subscription model. 

In short, you’ll never have to pay full price for software ever again! 

So let’s look at some of the top deals AppSumo will be offering in June. 

Please Note:

  1. We’ll update new deals as and when we hear about them. We urge you to bookmark this page to get frequent updates on new deals.
  2. This article contains affiliate links which means that we’ll earn an affiliate commission for any purchase you make.
  3. Most of these deals will be sold out within one week of their launch on AppSumo. So be sure to grab them while you can. 

AppSumo Deals in June

This table shows a brief description of the products that are on sale, the deal type, their actual price, and the AppSumo price. If you’d like more details on these products, just scroll down and check out all the benefits. 

 DescriptionActual PriceAppSumo PriceDeal Type 
ClickMindedSEO course that helps students drive more traffic and customers to their website$1285/yr$149Lifetime AccessLearn more
FeedierEntertain and engage customers with enjoyable surveys$960/yr$49Lifetime Access Learn more
FisklSimple, intuitive platform that makes it easy for anyone to manage finances$360/yr$49Lifetime Access Learn more
RocketLinkAdd retargeting powers to any URL $828/yr$49Lifetime AccessLearn more
BookafyEasy way to book meetings, demos, and appointments $84/yr$39Lifetime AccessLearn more
CrystalGain actionable marketing advice from powerful A.I.$1188/yr$49Lifetime Access Learn more
Social InsiderGet a full view of your competitor’s digital strategy for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter$720/yr$49Lifetime Access Learn more
MobileMonkeyThe world's best Facebook messenger platform. $504/yr$49Lifetime Access Learn more
UserGuidingHelps you produce easy-to-understand on-site guides.$490/yr$49Lifetime Access SOLD OUT
adOptimizerDecrease ad costs with AI using adOptimizer.$1690/yr$49Lifetime Access SOLD OUT
Action RecorderTracks and powers your marketing tools to maximize conversions.$328/yr$49Lifetime Access SOLD OUT

1. ClickMinded

ClickMinded SEO Course

The best-selling SEO course is back once again on AppSumo!

ClickMinded is an online search engine optimization training course that helps students drive more traffic and customers to their website.

The price of ClickMinded has now changed to 1,285. But with AppSumo, you can grab lifetime access to ClickMinded for just $149!

Learn more about ClickMinded SEO Course here

Why take the ClickMinded SEO course?

With ClickMinded’s SEO course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about SEO. Taught by Tommy Griffith, who formerly helped PayPal with SEO and now works with Airbnb, this course is made for people with no experience in SEO but even experts will walk away having learned new things. 

Along with the course, you’ll have an opportunity to earn the ClickMinded SEO certification.

Get your lifetime access to ClickMinded for only $149 now

Actual Price: $1285

AppSumo Price: $149 (Lifetime Access)

Buy Now

2. Feedier

Feedier AppSumo

Feedier lets you easily collect valuable customer feedback through an intelligent and interactive platform. 

On any device, customers will be able to access your beautiful, clean, and branded surveys. In addition to being easy on the eyes, this new method of feedback collection is entertaining thanks to animations and rewards (vouchers, ebooks, etc.). This gamification puts a whole new spin on the process.

This unique AppSumo Feedier plan is valued at $960/yr, but you can lifetime access to this Feedier plan for just $49.

Click here to get lifetime access to Feedier for $49

Why Use Feedier?

Improving your feedback response rate is reason enough to start using Feedier. (After all, feedback is what we use to make vital business decisions.) But throw in the fact that Feedier helps you build relationships with customers, which ultimately increases brand loyalty, and this tool becomes a must-try.

Actual Price: $960/year

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)

Buy Now

** This deal goes live on June 26

3. Fiskl

Fiskl AppSumo

Fiskl is a simple, intuitive platform that makes it easy for anyone to manage finances, be more productive, and drive their business forward.

Fiskl makes it easy to create, send, and keep track of invoices. Within seconds of finishing a job, you can send a beautifully customized invoice to a client. Fiskl even converts currencies for you, so you can stop doing those calculations on Google now.

Usually, Fiskl Prime goes for $360/yr. But with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to Fiskl for just $49!

Get lifetime access to Fiskl for $49

Why Use Fiskl?

Fiskl is giving you everything you need to manage your small business from the palm of your hand. So if you or any of your team members handle business outside of one building, you need Fiskl. Get lifetime access to Fiskl for just $49!

Actual Price: $360/year

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)

Buy Now

** This deal goes live on June 21

4. RocketLink

RocketLink AppSumo Deal

RocketLink helps you grow your audience by adding pixels to every link you share.

When you share links to engaging content, your URL drives traffic to third-party websites. But RocketLink lets you capitalize on this traffic by recapturing those leads and reaching them with perfectly targeted ads.

On an ordinary day, you’d be paying $828 to get access to this retargeting monster for a year. But with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to the Galaxy Plan for just $49!

Get lifetime access to RocketLink for $49

Why Use RocketLink?

Actual Price: $828/year

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)

Buy Now

** This deal goes live on June 12

5. Bookafy

Bookafy AppSumo

Bookafy is an automated booking software for service appointments, demos, sales, and calls. It allows you to take appointments through a personal booking page or a button inserted on your site. The button is great because customers never have to leave your site. 

Usually, the Bookafy Pro plan goes for $84 a year. But with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to Bookafy for just $39!

Get lifetime access to Bookafy for just $39

Why Use Bookafy?

Your time is precious. Ditch the phone and tag, the “when are you free again,” and the missed meetings, and get back to doing what you love. Grab lifetime access to Bookafy for just $39!

Actual Price: $84/year

AppSumo Price: $39 (Lifetime Access)

Buy Now

** This deal goes live on June 18

6. Crystal

Crystal AppSumo

Crystal is a powerful Artificial Intelligence that takes web and social media data and turns it into actionable marketing insights. 

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Within seconds of using Crystal, you’ll have social media insights (where your visitors are coming from and what devices they are using), marketing advice (when you should post), and campaign analytics (which posts and ads are driving traffic).

The Premium Plan regularly goes for $1,188 a year, but with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to Crystal’s Premium Plan for just $49. 

Get lifetime access to Crystal for $49

Why Use Crystal?

Your websites and social media accounts are pumping out a ton of data. Now, you could spend all of your time deciphering it, or you could have the genius that is crystal do it for you. The choice is simple. Grab lifetime access to crystal for $49 and let A.I. help you make more effective marketing decisions.

Actual Price: $1188/year

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)

Buy Now

** This deal goes live on June 7

7. Social Insider

Social Insider - AppSumo

Social Insider is a tool for Facebook Analytics that helps you understand what your competitors do on Facebook and how people react to their digital strategy.

Normally, access to Social Insider costs $60 per month. But with AppSumo, you can grab lifetime access to Social Insider for only $49!

Learn more about Social Insider here!

Why Use Social Insider?

With Social Insider you’ll get engagement reports, likes reports, post reports, multi-page comparison and more. You’ll be able to understand the correlation between shares and growth in fans, as well as track your competitors’ digital strategy and campaigns. Social Insider helps you find out what works, what doesn’t and what to do next.

Click here for lifetime access to Social Insider for $49!

Actual Price: $720/year

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)

Buy Now

** This deal goes live on June 7

8. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey AppSumo Deal

MobileMonkey lets you grow your contact list, segment your audience, chat blast, and more, making it the ultimate Messenger marketing platform.

Once you collect these valuable leads, you can segment your audience by using automated questions as filters, tagging people, and adding them to interest-based chat-blasting lists. 

Common folk can get the MobileMonkey Professional Plan for $504 a year. But with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to MobileMonkey for just $49!

Learn more about this deal at AppSumo

Why Use MobileMonkey?

Nowadays, due to Facebook changing its algorithm, organic reach is almost nonexistent. We have all felt the hit in our marketing budget as our ad spend has skyrocketed. But MobileMonkey is helping businesses avoid wasting marketing dollars and beat the system.

Actual Price: $504/year

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)

Buy Now

** Live since May 29 and will be sold out soon

9. UserGuiding

UserGuiding AppSumo Deal

UserGuiding helps you produce easy-to-understand, interactive on-site guides so customers can quickly master your website and product.

With UserGuiding, you can design eye-catching walkthroughs and hotspots without having to write a single line of code.

The plan being offered here usually goes for $490/year. But with AppSumo, you can snag lifetime access to UserGuiding for just $49.

Learn more about the UserGuiding deal at AppSumo

Why Use UserGuiding?

We’re in the age of self-driving cars, and SaaS has become more complicated than ever. But that’s not your customer’s fault! So you shouldn’t punish them by making them spend hours trying to learn how your product works.

Do them, and yourself, a favor by creating much-needed walkthroughs with UserGuiding.

Actual Price: $490/year

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)

** Sold Out

10. adOptimizer

AdOptimizer AppSumo

adOptimizer creates ad variations and then uses A.I. to determine which ad is best for your targeted audience.

You start by providing adOptimizer with 5 creatives and your target audience. From those 5 creatives, adOptimizer will create several ad variations in just seconds. Using the data from those ad variations, adOptimizer’s A.I. algorithms will select the best ads for your targeted audience.

Learn more about adOptimizer at AppSumo

Currently, companies are using the adOptimizer’s Business on Wheels Plan to save 20% to 50% on digital and social ad spend. The Business on Wheels Plan is valued at $1,680 a year. But with AppSumo, you can grab lifetime access to adOptimizer for just $49!

Why Use adOptimizer?

adOptimizer’s algorithm tests are going to be cranking out tons insightful data on your ads and campaigns. So instead of spending money on tools that only tackle one channel, get lifetime access to the most powerful, multi-channel A.I. marketing tool for just $49!

Actual Price: $1680/year

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)

** Sold Out

11. Action Recorder

Action Recorder at AppSumo

Action Recorder tracks and syncs customer data with various marketing and analytics tools.

Using Action Recorder is easy — simply point and click to track website events. No coding necessary!

Ordinarily, the Action Recorder Starter Plan is $328 a year, but with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to the Action Recorder Start Plan for just $49.

Click here to get lifetime access to Action Recorder for $49!

Why Use Action Recorder?

Action Recorder gives you an in-depth look at the behavior of converters and non-converters. In addition, you can create unified user profiles across synced platforms by associating activities and traits to a specific user throughout their lifecycle.

Actual Price: $328/year

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)

** Sold Out

Other Deals by AppSumo

1. Briefcase by AppSumo

Briefcase Review

Briefcase is the all-in-one toolkit for entrepreneurs and startups looking to create, grow, and scale their businesses. With 35+ tools (and growing), Briefcase has you covered from sales, to design, to SEO, and everything in between.

In a nutshell, it’s a collection of the best products of AppSumo, all under one roof to simplify your life and streamline your business.

Learn more about Briefcase here

To get access to all the tools in Briefcase individually, you’d be looking to pay over $1,400 per month. But thanks to AppSumo, you get access to ALL of the tools in Briefcase starting at just $49 a month!

Need more details about Briefcase? Check out our detailed review of Briefcase!

Buy Now

2. AppSumo’s Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Playbook

AppSumo's Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Playbook

Find out how AppSumo became a multi-million dollar powerhouse.

In this study, Sumo (AppSumo’s parent company) unveils what helped them become an 8-figure business and one that makes more revenue per employee than every other “fast-growing” tech company.

Learn how AppSumo grew to 8-figures!

Here’s just a sample of the growth goodness that’s inside this playbook:

  • The tools used to grow the AppSumo email list
  • The copywriting formula of a $250,000 AppSumo sales page
  • The 12-point promotion checklist used to promote every AppSumo deal

There’s a ton more in this epic growth study.

Get this Resource for Free

3. AppSumo Gift Cards 

AppSumo Gift Card

Know someone who could benefit from deals offered at AppSumo? You could give them AppSumo gift cards!

It’s the perfect gift for friends or family who fit this profile:

  • An entrepreneur or business owner
  • A developer or programmer
  • A web designer or app designer
  • A graphics person
  • A wannabe entrepreneur.

With this gift cards, your friends get AppSumo credits with which they can pick out something from all the software & app deals on AppSumo, as well as their collection of how-to courses for entrepreneurs and bloggers. Click on the links below to purchase any of the two gift cards:

Note: The gift card will immediately be emailed to you, and after you’ve passed it along to your lucky friend, they can redeem the code on AppSumo to apply the credit to their account. 

More deals coming soon!

Keep this page bookmarked as we’ll update more AppSumo deals you can grab this month. 

In the meantime, click here to check out all the live deals at AppSumo!


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