Top AppSumo Deals: What’s Coming to AppSumo in April 2019 — Updated!


AppSumo Deals in April 2019April is all set to be yet another busy month for the team at AppSumo as they are back with more unbelievable deals and discounts on stellar online business tools and software.

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Last month, AppSumo offered discounts on incredibly useful business tools like Book Like A Boss,, History Search, and JotURL. If you were lucky enough to grab any of these deals, let us know how your experience has been so far in the comments below.

Editor’s Note: My favorite AppSumo deal in March 2019 was the Book Like A Boss (BLAB) deal, a recurring deal and one of the most popular tools offered at AppSumo. I’ve been using BLAB for over 2 years. It’s my de facto online scheduling software when it comes to booking meetings and product demos. You can check out my video review and walkthrough of BLAB on YouTube to learn more about BLAB’s top features and benefits.

Before we unveil the list of new AppSumo deals, here’s what you should know about AppSumo (if you’ve never heard of them before):

AppSumo offers weekly deals on the best tools for creating, growing, and scaling your online business.

TL;DR — With AppSumo, you’ll never have to pay full price for business software again.

Thanks to AppSumo, we were able to grab lifetime access to amazing tools such as Ninja OutreachMailshakeBeacon, and more.

That said, let’s take a sneak peak at all the deals that are being offered at AppSumo this month.

This post will cover all the deals that AppSumo will be offering in April 2019.

Please Note:

  1. We’ll update new deals as and when we hear about them. We urge you to bookmark this page to get frequent updates on new deals.
  2. This article contains affiliate links which means that we’ll earn an affiliate commission for any purchase you make.
  3. Most of these deals will be sold out within one week of their launch on AppSumo. So be sure to grab them while you can. 
Deal NameTypeDiscount
DepositphotosStock Photos90% off
ClearoutEmail Marketing94% off
StencilGraphic Design89% off
RocketbotsChat Automation Platform96% off
Elementor AddonsWebsite Optimization61% off
DroplrScreencasting Tool89% off
AudioHeroRoyalty-free Music Tracks87% off
ModulaPhoto Gallery61% off
TubicsYouTube SEO84% off
PublboxSocial Media Tool88% off
InVideoVideo Creation92% off

Top AppSumo Lifetime Deals in April 2019

1. Snovio [90% off]

Snovio AppSumo Deal is your efficient way to automate cold outreach while still sounding like a human.

Using an intuitive drag-and-drop email campaign builder, you can create custom campaigns equipped with triggers and multiple follow-up scenarios in a matter of minutes.

Snovio comes packed with top features like an easy-to-use drag-n-drop editor, link click tracking, and multiple trigger options.

Get lifetime access to Snovio for $49

Why You Need Snovio understands the struggles and needs of a small business because they’re also a startup. Which is why, unlike their competitors, they’ve concentrated on creating a powerful but affordable tool. has everything you need to organize high-performing campaigns in minutes.

Get lifetime access to Snovio now

Deal Value: $468

AppSumo Price: $49


** This deal goes live on April 22, 2019

Recommended reading: Snovio Review: The Perfect Email Finder & Validator for Your Outreach Campaigns

2. HeySummit [94% off]


HeySummit gives you everything you need to put together online summits that increase engagement, conversions, and revenue.

Usually, setting up an online summit takes a ton of time and money.

But with HeySummit’s easy-to-use tools and interface, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

You can jam pack your summit with knowledge, viral referrals, giveaways, and more!

Get lifetime access to HeySummit for just $59

Why You Need HeySummit

HeySummit handles pre-event registrations, in-event reminders, post-event analysis, and follow-ups. Not to mention all of the stuff in-between.

Your excuses for not running an online summit are no longer valid.

HeySummit is giving you everything you need to host summits that will bring brand awareness, increase engagement, and bring in more $.

Get lifetime access to HeySummit now

Deal Value: $990

AppSumo Price: $59


** This deal goes live on April 24, 2019

3. PassCamp [47% off]

PassCamp AppSumo

PassCamp lets you manage your — and your team’s — passwords in an ultra-safe platform.

PassCamp makes it super simple to add new team members, manage access, and share and reset passwords. Furthermore, all shared passwords are synchronized and updated in real-time for all users.

Get lifetime access to PassCamp for just $39!

Why You Need PassCamp

Every year, the number of cybersecurity breaches and data leaks is increasing — primarily due to security flaws and people being careless with passwords.

However, you can protect yourself and your team by getting PassCamp.

Grab lifetime access to PassCamp now

Deal Value: $73

AppSumo Price: $39


** This deal goes live on April 17, 2019

4. Fulfilli [80% off]

Fulfulli AppSumo Deal

Fulfilli is a platform that helps you acquire leads and automate pricing so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Fulfilli lets you highlight your strengths in your profile so that you only get introduced to projects you’ll knock out of the park.

In addition to skill-specific profile, there is also a quiz qualification section that will further ensure you are only matched with the best-fitting projects.

Click here to get lifetime access to Fulfilli for $49

Why You Need Fulfilli

Today, agencies are wasting a ton of resources trying to acquire new project opportunities — they design and develop a website, write content, buy traffic, receive unqualified leads, send proposals, and repeat.

But Fulfilli is serving as the automated marketplace that connects digital projects with the right service provider and saves time and resources for everyone involved.

What would normally take companies months to do, Fulfilli helps to get it done in days.

Click here to learn more about Fulfilli

Deal Value: $249

AppSumo Price: $49


** This deal goes live on April 17, 2019

5. InVideo [92% off]


InVideo is a simple, scalable video creation platform with templates to help you make engaging videos in minutes.

InVideo lets you fast-forward through the tedious video editing process with pre-made templates adapted for any kind of video, from technology to sports to Instagram-ready posts.

Get lifetime access to InVideo for just $49

Why You Need InVideo

Some video creation tools bog you down with complicated and unnecessary menu items that keep you from ever creating content. Others are so basic that your video looks like it was put together by an amateur.

With InVideo, you’re getting an arsenal of hundreds of templates, pre-made design elements, an extensive media library, advanced editing features, and the flexibility to make your videos your way.

Get lifetime access to InVideo now

Deal Value: $600

AppSumo Price: $49


** This deal goes live on April 8, 2019

6. Restream [91% off]


Restream helps you reach a wider audience by allowing you to multi-stream live video across 30+ platforms.

Restream takes care of the bandwidth and processing so you can focus on getting maximum visibility on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Periscope, and more.

Experience the whole spectrum of streaming by grabbing lifetime access to Restream for just $49!

Click here to get lifetime access to Restream

Why You Need Restream

Restream is the first pioneer of multi-streaming and competitors just can’t keep up.

Only Restream offers the full range of streaming tools from cross-platform chat to advanced scheduling to smart analytics.

Rethink what you know about live video with Restream.

Get lifetime access to Restream now!

Deal Value: $570

AppSumo Price: $49


** This deal goes live on April 10, 2019

7. Dibz [80% off]

Dibz AppSumo Deal

Dibz is an SEO tool that does the heavy lifting for your background prospecting so you can focus your energy on outreach.

Dibz collects data from industries’ top content providers so that you can conduct simpler, tailored searches. Thanks to its custom search parameters and a spam algorithm, Dibz automatically filters out irrelevant or spammy prospects and lets you arrange the rest by one or more metrics.

You’ll just have to pick the top-notch results, import them into your outreach tool, and start your campaign.

You can use Dibz for running giveaways, content promotion, guest blogging, and reviews.

AppSumo is currently offering the Dibz Starter Plan (for 1 code) which includes 20 credits per month. Monthly credits can be used on Dibz’s predefined spam algorithm and all social signals.

Get lifetime access to Dibz with 20 monthly credits for a one-time payment of just $49

Why You Need Dibz

Unlike other tools, Dibz is a 100% cloud-based solution that has a unique spam algorithm with 17 different parameters.

This means you can have a fully personalized custom parameter setup based on your needs. The competition isn’t giving you that.

Plus, don’t even think about trying to find a free tool that does what Dibz does because it doesn’t exist.

Deal Value: $240

AppSumo Price: $49


** This deal goes live on April 3, 2019

8. StockUnlimited [93% off]

StockUnlimited AppSumo Deal

StockUnlimited is a popular stock agency with an extensive library of high-quality stock graphics, images, icons, and more.

With StockUnlimited, you can choose from over 1 million stunning assets that include graphics, photos, fonts, icons, backgrounds, textures, and even audio.

Furthermore, StockUnlimited adds fresh files to its ever-expanding library each week so you’re never lacking inspiration.

AppSumo is offering the StockUnlimited All Access Plan which comes with the following:

StockUnlimited AppSumo Deal - What It Includes

Get three years of access to StockUnlimited for just $49!

Why You Need StockUnlimited

Unlike other stock image sites, StockUnlimited doesn’t place a restriction on the number of downloads. With StockUnlimited, you get as many high-quality resources as you want.

Furthermore, you’re safe from copyright issues, thanks to simple-to-understand licenses.

Get three years of access to StockUnlimited for just $49!

Deal Value: $684

AppSumo Price: $49 (3 years access)


** This deal goes live on March 31, 2019

9. Sumo-size Your Success Course [97% off]

 Sumo-size Your Success Course

“Sumo-size Your Success” is an AppSumo course that will help you generate, market, and scale your big idea.

When it comes to starting your own business, the most daunting task is coming up with the next big idea. “Sumo-size Your Success” simplifies the idea phase by showing you what questions you should be asking during the brainstorming process.

The course will also teach you how to identify your target audience and will guide you through the validation process with a checklist of “will this work?” tasks.

Click here to learn more about the “Sumo-size Your Success” course

Why You Need this Course

Taking the leap into entrepreneurship is scary and overwhelming. Luckily, you’ll have the “Sumo-size Your Success” course right by your side to show you the way.

Get lifetime access to the “Sumo-size Your Success” course for $19

Deal Value: $600

AppSumo Price: $19


** This deal goes live on April 2, 2019

10. [90% off] AppSumo Deal is an SEO platform with multiple apps that help you grow your traffic, boost your ranking, and discover your best marketing activities.’s powerful Analytics and Insights toolbox comes with everything you need to grow by combining smart segments and internal algorithms.

AppSumo is offering the Lite Plan which includes the following: AppSumo Features

Click here to get lifetime access to Lite Plan for $39

Why You Need

If you’re looking to decode complicated tools, you could go with competitors that are way too open-ended to even figure out where to begin. Meanwhile, free alternatives are limited in scope and give you vague data you can’t really utilize.

Only guides you right in the direction of high-priority data, so you can take immediate action on content promotion and traffic generation.

You get a powerful suite of tools with zero setup required and save hours of time by not having to dig around for insights.

Get lifetime access to for $39 now

Deal Value: $395

AppSumo Price: $39 (Lifetime Access)


** This deal has been live since March 25, 2019 and will be sold out soon

11. SlideShop [93% off]

AppSumo Deals in Sept 2017 - Slideshop

SlideShop is a template marketplace that helps you create stunning PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slide presentations.

Inside SlideShop’s library, you’ll find 90,000+ templates for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides in categories like business, planning, illustrations, and more.

These presentation templates are fully editable, so you can customize them as per your requirement.

Click here to get lifetime access to 90,000+ slides at SlideShop for just $39

Why You Need SlideShop

A key advantage SlideShop has over other sites is their presentations are built in PowerPoint. Every element in your presentation can be edited to your liking — colors, fonts, and logos.

With this customization freedom by your side, you’ll be able to create presentations that are entirely on-brand.

Click here to get lifetime access to SlideShop for just $39

Deal Value: $588

AppSumo Price: $39 (Lifetime Access)


** This deal goes live on March 31, 2019

12. Docsketch [73% off] — Sold Out!

Docsketch AppSumo

Docsketch is a document signing, approval, and tracking solution that reduces your turnaround time and friction on documents.

Docsketch helps you save time waiting for documents thanks to its built-in, legally valid electronic signatures (Docsketch documents are compliant with U.S. and international e-signature laws).

After a document is signed, it gets archived and protected from future changes so there’s no funny business.

AppSumo is offering the Docsketch Pro Plan (for 1 code), which includes all these amazing features:

Docsketch AppSumo Deal Features

Why You Need Docsketch

Docsketch gives you everything you need to close your deals with a great UX, ease of use, and a simple, kickass layout. And unlike its competitors, Docsketch is not overpriced.

Plus, only Docsketch includes an approval feature for bids and proposals.

Deal Value: $180

AppSumo Price: $39 (Lifetime Access)


** This deal is sold out

13. Continually [96% off] — Sold Out!


Continually helps you capture customer leads, automate scheduling, keep visitors engaged with chatbots.

Continually makes it easy to set up automatic responses or full convos when you’re AFK with the help of easy-to-build chatbots — simply drag and drop conversation snippets to map out your desired sequence of responses.

You’ll never miss another lead or help inquiry, even when you’re in a different time zone, thanks to chatbots created via Continually.

AppSumo is offering the Continually Business Plan, loaded with features like:

Continually AppSumo Deal

Get lifetime access to Continually for $39

Why You Need Continually

Competitors offer products that aren’t as robust and yet somehow have steeper learning curves. On the flip side, Continually is user-friendly and wallet-friendly.

In 10 minutes, Continually puts you on the fast track towards real customer engagement with just one line of code on your website.

Just drag, drop, and build leads.

Deal Value: $480

AppSumo Price: $39 (Lifetime Access)


** This deal is sold out

14. Ora [92% off] — Sold Out!

Ora AppSumo

Ora is a cloud-based project workspace and task management app that helps keep teams organized and in sync.

Getting your projects and tasks in a row has never been easier thanks to Ora’s clean and structured layout.

Ora’s sleek, endless-capability cards help you communicate all necessary information so that everyone is up to speed and on the same page.

In these cards, you’ll be able to add attachments, @mention anyone, create subtasks, set due dates, track time, and lots more.

AppSumo is offering bringing you these Ora Enterprise Plan options:

Ora Features

Get lifetime access to Ora’s Enterprise Plan for just $39! — for 1 code

Why You Need Ora

Ora blows the competition out of the water because it’s actually designed for ease of use. You can create and manage projects as simple or as complex as you need them to be.

Whether you just need a to-do list for the week or you have to run multiple sprints, Ora takes the heat without a sweat.

Deal Value: $480

AppSumo Price: $39 (Lifetime Access)


** This deal is sold out

Other Deals by AppSumo

1. Briefcase by AppSumo

Briefcase Review

Briefcase is the all-in-one toolkit for entrepreneurs and startups looking to create, grow, and scale their businesses. With 35+ tools (and growing), Briefcase has you covered from sales, to design, to SEO, and everything in between.

In a nutshell, it’s a collection of the best products of AppSumo, all under one roof to simplify your life and streamline your business.

Learn more about Briefcase here

To get access to all the tools in Briefcase individually, you’d be looking to pay over $1,400 per month. But thanks to AppSumo, you get access to ALL of the tools in Briefcase starting at just $49 a month!

2. AppSumo Plus [$99/year]

AppSumo Plus 2019

AppSumo Plus is AppSumo’s rewards program which is tailor-made for frequent AppSumo customers.

Here’s what you get with your AppSumo Plus membership:

  • 10% off your AppSumo purchases
  • Access to KingSumo Giveaways Pro
  • Exclusive invitations to special digital events

AppSumo Plus membership will cost you $99/year which is $8.25/month.

Click here to learn more about AppSumo Plus

Need more details about Briefcase? Check out our detailed review of Briefcase!

More deals coming soon!

Keep this page bookmarked as we’ll update more AppSumo deals you can grab this month. 

In the meantime, click here to check out all the live deals at AppSumo!


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