Weebly Review 2017: 5 Pros and 3 Cons of Using Weebly


When it comes to web-based hosting, Weebly is one of the leading, and most powerful companies out there. Boasting of powering over 40 million websites currently, Weebly certainly captures users’ interest.

Founded in 2007, Weebly is a solution targeted towards entrepreneurs who want to build a website at an affordable price. Unlike other CMS solutions such as WordPress and Squarespace, Weebly is an all-inclusive website builder which provides web hosting support as well.

Weebly Review 2017: Pros and Cons

While a trial and error method may be the best option for selecting the right web hosting company for your needs, it would certainly take time, effort, and money.

That’s why I did this analysis; keep reading and you might just find the answer you are looking for. 

Weebly Review: Pros 

#1 User-Friendly Interface

Whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran in maintaining and managing your own website, Weebly will surely be a good fit for you.

Arguably the easiest site-builder in the market, Weebly just hits the right spots with the Drag & Drop interface they employ.

There is no coding knowledge required whatsoever. You can just drag and drop elements from a wide array of choices. Considering that they have some of the most advanced designs in the market right now, it is a wonder how they can manage to keep the interface easy to use.

#2 Wide Selection of Trendy Themes

Though criticized in the past for the “primitiveness” of their theme selection, Weebly has been making good changes in the more recent past.

They have numerous pre-designed themes to choose from, all at a click of your mouse.

Weebly Review: Weebly Themes and Templates

Click on a theme of your choosing and the whole interface of your website will be exported which can come handy if you want to reinvent your website’s interface and look.

All these features are mobile/tablet compatible, so you can rest assured that your website will look sleek whatever gadget your visitor is using. The easiest way to create a website for your business. Create your site at Weebly.com!

#3 Overall Pricing

Weebly Pricing - Weebly ReviewWhen compared to other all-inclusive website builders, Weebly certainly has a price advantage. You can start using Weebly for free if you don’t mind having your site on a subdomain. But if you’d like your site hosted on your own domain, then the pricing starts from $8/month.

#4 E-commerce Capability

While not entirely unique in this aspect, it certainly does not hurt that Weebly has made it easy for entrepreneurs who’d like to sell their products online.

With Weebly, you can easily sell your products on your website because the themes are e-commerce compatible. A few important features like checkout, real-time delivery tracking, next-day delivery availability, etc. are not available across all plans but it can easily be managed.

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#5 App Center and Customer Support

Though they do try to maintain minimalism in their features and packages, Weebly has a dedicated App Center for those who want more advanced features in their websites. With just a click of a button, these additional features can be in your website.

Weebly App Center - Weebly Review

When it comes to providing customer support, Weebly does not fall short. You can submit tickets, chat with live customer service representatives, or speak with the experts if you ever encounter any hiccups while maintaining your website.

Need help creating your website? Create your site at Weebly.com!

Weebly Review: Cons

#1 Template Customizing Rigidity

The only downside of having the ability to export your whole website to a new template is losing the ability to change every aspect of the webpage as easily. That doesn’t mean it is not completely doable; you will just need to work a little harder to do it.

With the templates, you can change the fonts and the general look of the webpage; but if you want to change the color of a specific spot in the page, backdrop image, or content frame size, you will have to alter the code manually. If you can write HTML or CSS codes, this bump shouldn’t be any problem for you.   

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#2 Limited Blogging Features

Compared to their competitors in the market, Weebly’s blogging features are a little behind the times. Though the basics are there: social media linking options, dragging & dropping of highlights in each post, scheduling a post to be published at a specified time; other blogging websites offer a few more attractive features.

It is not uncommon for blog websites to offer the ability search and offer related, latest, or popular posts. This could be a deal breaker, specially to those who are looking for a company to host their blogs as well.

#3 Updates and Upgrades

Another complaint that seems to stand out among others is Weebly’s updates and upgrades, or the lack thereof.

In the past, Weebly had established new features maybe once or twice a year. This has significantly changed recently, and Weebly deserves a tap on the shoulder for that. Nevertheless, users are, and will always be hungry for improved tools for better ease of use.

With that being said, it is worth noting that though advanced upgrades have been coming in, Weebly have stayed with their defining quality of maintaining the interface easy to navigate and very user-friendly.


There are a lot of web-hosting companies out there, and it is never safe to declare any one of them being the “best” there is. Each website owner and/or manager will have different choices, preferences, and style when it comes to maintaining a website. However, it will be safe to say that Weebly does stand out among its competitors because the features you receive outweigh the hiccups you will encounter.

If you are not sure whether Weebly is the right company for your web hosting needs, you can always try their free service. Give it a go, play with the system, and see if it works well for you; after all there is no time limit for using the free service.

If and when you decide that you want the features provided to paying clients, mull it over if it will be worth your money to use the paid service.

Did you find this Weebly review helpful? If so, don’t forget to hit the like and share buttons. Your family and friends may benefit from it too. If you have any questions, suggestions, or reactions, feel free to share them in the comment section. We’ll address your concerns as best as we can.

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