How to Understand if Your SEO Rank Brings You Call Conversions


How to Understand if Your SEO Rank Brings You Call Conversions: Ringostat & SerpstatJulia Holovko, CMO at Ringostat and Eleonora Zolotaryova, Content Marketer at Serpstat will describe the smart ways to approach your SEO campaign and share some hacks on how to use SEO and call tracking tools for driving conversions to your website.

Every business wants to have a great website, one with beautiful design, quality content and of course, ranking high in Google. However, let us not forget that the real goal of SEO is not just to make your website more visible. It is meant to bring your business conversions, that eventually will turn into leads and customers. That is why you need to make sure that your SEO strategy is working right for this ultimate goal and avoid the mistake of boosting traffic with no consideration for how it would affect conversions.

SEO campaigns often start with selecting keywords, as they play crucial role in search results. Irrelevant keywords might result in good ranking for your website, however they will bring no added value to your business. As a rule, keyword relevancy is determined by frequency, which directly affects the website visibility. It means that if you choose keywords with low frequency, your visibility will not increase. So here are some tips on how to easily and most effectively find out whether your visibility is growing as a result of keywords optimization and if it is going to bring you conversions.

How Most Marketers Use Rank Tracking

Mostly, marketers use rank tracking just to see how the positions of their website are changing.

To show you the smart ways to use rank tracking we will take as an example the website and run it through the Serpstat tool. Information that we get from tracking positions for a website usually boils down to this kind of data:

  • 24 keywords with no change of position since the last update
  • 14 improved keywords
  • 11 dropped keywords
  • 0 lost key words

How to Understand if Your SEO Rank Brings You Call Conversions: Serpstat

Such reports show how your ranking is changing. But how do you know if these ranks benefit your business?

Advanced Rank Tracking: Marketing Research and Competitive Analysis

If you know how to use rank tracking tools properly, you can find a lot more useful information.

Keyword Grouping

To see how your market share is influenced by your ranking, start with creating keyword groups. Here we will use Serpstat rank tracking module, which allows creating groups. In our example we highlighted all keywords related to shoes and set a ‘shoes’ tag.

How to Understand if Your SEO Rank Brings You Call Conversions

We will get to those tags a bit later.

Market Share Distribution

As we can see, due to the traffic share for all our 49 tracked keywords, occupies 6.48%. This number is closely related to the website’s visibility. It accounts for your website’s position for a keyword and the search volume of that keyword.

For example, if you rank first for a dozen of long-tail keywords that get a about 1,000 monthly searches combined, your visibility will be higher than if you rank 10th for a few high-volume keywords.

How to Understand if Your SEO Rank Brings You Call Conversions

Remember the tags we created earlier? They allow us to track our market share within a niche. It’s a super-useful feature for big websites that sell different groups of products. Let’s see how the result for Shoes group look like. As you can see, the result changed and now it’s different (7.5% instead of 6.5%). By creating tags for each group of products you can track your progress in different niches.


Our advice is to add as many keywords for rank tracking as it is possible. The more data will be analyzed, the more aware you’ll be.

Market Share Distribution History

You can also get the historical data for the market share distribution to see how your market share is changing over time. If it grows – you’re ranking for the right keywords.

How to Understand if Your SEO Rank Brings You Call Conversions

As your market share grows, your customer base grows as well, which means all that’s left is to make sure that the page you lead them to is good enough to turn visitors into customers. The best way to see if your page is working is to set up Call Tracking and see if you can get people interested in your offer.

Call Tracking: Linking SEO to Conversions  

Call tracking is rarely used by SEO specialists. However it can be an efficient tool:call tracking data can serve as the final link to connect your SEO campaign with call conversions, helps optimizing your landing page and highest converting pages.  

If you have done your SEO campaign right and opted for right keywords, your market share is growing and your website should be bringing more call conversions. Let’s see how we can retrieve this information from call tracking analytics (we will use Ringostat stats as an example.)

First of all, you can look at the number of calls you are getting from your website and compare the figures over time: weekly, monthly, or quarterly. It is important to use dynamic number insertion for all the website pages, to be able to measure call conversions from organic and see the growth tendency. If your SEO campaign has worked right, the number of call conversions from organic should increase.

How to Understand if Your SEO Rank Brings You Call Conversions

The table above shows monthly statistics for calls from various sources. This information can give you some important insights. For example, by tracking target calls you can understand whether you are attracting quality traffic from organic. Increase in non-target calls indicate that your webpage is being displayed for irrelevant queries — a tendency you have to deal with. You can do it by listening to conversation recordings of non-target calls, which will help you to understand what has been misleading to the users.  

Another useful tip: you can use call tracking to run a/b testing of your landing page.

When you create a landing page for a product group or promotional campaign, gathering data from online applications will not be sufficient to understand its efficiency. You need to count calls to measure its performance and determine the most optimal configuration of the page.

But not only that, you can also see how the user’s behavior on the website is linked to the call conversion. The pages that user has browsed before calling your company, time of visit and the conversion page — all that data is presented to you in call tracking analytics.

How to Understand if Your SEO Rank Brings You Call Conversions: Ringostat

You can see exactly which pages users are likely to browse before converting. This is a great indicator of what is working well on your website and which pages need better optimization.


Getting your SEO campaign right might be more challenging than you think. It is not enough to drive more traffic to your website by all means. Your ranking should bring added value to your business and drive sales. To achieve that it might be good idea to use rank tracking and call tracking services. It will help to make your internet marketing efforts more productive and resultative.


  1. Rank tracking is a must for SEO to understand CTR and conversions. I agree with you tracking SEO campaigns, and SERPs is the must for great results and optimisations. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge.


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