This Week in Social Media: Pinterest’s 250 Million Active Users, YouTube Vertical Ads + Other News [Sep 2018, Week 2]


Welcome to the social media news round up for the second week of September. In this post, you’ll find a bird’s-eye view of all the top social media marketing news stories from the second week of September. Missed the first roundup of the month? Click here for trending news stories in social media during week 1 of September.

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This Week in Social Media: Top 5 News Stories of the Week

#1 Pinterest Hits 250 Million Monthly Active Users

Pinterest Hits 250 Million Monthly Active Users

Pinterest has reached a new milestone of 250 million monthly active users. The social media platform is adding 50 million monthly active users a year.

The company announced that the majority of Pinterest users are now outside the US, and that more than 175 billion Pins have been created by users, up 75% since last year. As of September 2018, there are 1.5 million businesses active on the platform.

Source: Venture Beat

#2 Instagram Adds Personalized Emoji Shortcuts for Quick Comments

Insta Emojis

Instagram has launched emoji shortcuts which will appear above the keyboard when users are leaving a comment. Emojis continue to be extremely popular on the photo-sharing platform and are used in parallel with text by Instagram users while commenting. This new feature will allow users to leave quick comments.

The emoji collection will be different for each user as it’ll be based on each user’s favorite emojis.

Source: Search Engine Journal

#3 Facebook Renames ‘Canvas ads’ to ‘Instant Experience’ ads

Facebook Renames 'Canvas ads' to ‘Instant Experience’ ads

Facebook has renamed its mobile ad unit ‘Canvas ads’ to ‘Instant Experience’ ads.

According to Facebook, this newly named ad unit will introduce new ways for businesses to understand their customer’s progression from seeing an Instant Experience to completing a purchase, and opening new opportunities for businesses to re-engage with those customers.

The Instant Experience Ads will now automatically be attached to Facebook Pixel.

Source: Marketing Land

#4 YouTube Adds Vertical Video Ad Options, Moving with Usage Trends

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With more users viewing content without having to turn their devices sideways, YouTube has rolled out new vertical video ad units.

More than 70% of YouTube watch time takes place on mobile devices, and while YouTube hasn’t provided specific stats on vertical viewing, the rolling out of this new feature would suggest that it’s also rising significantly.

Source: Social Media Today

#5 Twitter Will Highlight Live-Streams from Accounts You Follow at the Top of Your Timeline

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Twitter is making it easier to find and watch live broadcasts. Now, when accounts you follow go live, the stream will appear right at the top of your timeline.

With this new feature, it’ll be easier for Twitter users to catch breaking news, updates from their favorite personalities, and can’t-miss sports moments.

Source: Social Media Today

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