Shopify Review: Is it the Best E-commerce Platform?


Shopify Review: Is it the Best E-commerce Platform?There are a lot of ways in which online services could help you build an online retail point-of-sale system. E-commerce has always been a hot thing in the retail industry because of its efficiency, fast product delivery, product tracking and other essential business stuff. With a lot of e-commerce sites proliferating virtual marketing, choosing the best is a tough decision.

Your choice of online platform will always have a profound impact on how your business will grow just like building an actual store does. Nevertheless, if you are considering on using one, you should make a deliberate effort to narrow down your choices by looking at each store builder’s credibility and reputation.

To get you started, Shopify can be a good choice. It is considered one of the easiest online retailing platforms at bay. It is currently the business backbone of over 240,000 online businesses and has raised over $14billion of retail sales since 2004.

To elucidate how these figures have become possible, here are some of the benefits you could get from using Shopify.

Shopify Benefits: What Makes Shopify the Best E-commerce Platform

1. Secured and Speedy Hosting

Since e-commerce is built mostly for cashless transactions, you need a fast and secured host for processing credit cards.

While speed is always a competitive edge to odd out greater competition, security is also vital. Remember, credit cards are what you process. Your customers need security. Shopify routes customers’ credit cards through security layers to remain compliant.

With its built-in security, it has a reputable track record for not having hackers and extreme caching. Through these, Shopify elevates online shopping in a new range.

2. It Has All the Essential Business Features

You’ll need the best features for your business of course. In this aspect, Shopify provides the best online features for your business.

Its business features include integrated payments, easy removing and adding products for online cataloguing, easy homepage customization and online analytics for tracking.

With Shopify, you can have all the essentials in running an online store without spending a lot for constant upgrades.

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Shopify Review

3. Dependable Customer Service

Instead of depending on online forums that end up unresponsive when unmaintained, Shopify converts customer service to a speedier one. It has a huge database for FAQs, phone/email support and centralized chat system.

What’s commendable is the knowledgeable rep on the other line. Providing a dependable customer service is great edge for your business.

4. Effective Marketing Platform

Marketing is all about having people to get interested with what you can offer. With that, Shopify gives credible SEO marketing on the list.

Essential features on this domain are clean coding, title tag customization, meta descriptions and site maps. Also, their web tools include a shutting of duplicate content which is considered as a perennial online bug.

Furthermore, its marketing tools also include easy creation of landing pages for you to secure leads at a steady rate.

5. Design Add-ons

Aside from the fact that Shopify has well-compartmentalized designs for either purchasing or product updating without spending for graphic development. It also features add-ons to make retailing more systematic.

Some of these would be customized themes and multi-platform alignment like Facebook, Apple and Android for seamless transactions.

Shopify Review

6. Streamlined POS Payment Processing

There’s no need, with Shopify, to bother with external shopping carts, because everything you need to process payments is built-in to your dashboard. The payment processing setup is virtually instantaneous.

In addition, you can easily create a smooth-running omnichannel shopping experience with Shopify’s portable credit card reader. Accept payments on and offline for products hosted on your website and eliminate the need for multiple inventory management systems.


If you are looking for an all-in one business solution for your online business, Shopify is a great choice for you.

To see for yourself how legit these listed benefits are, you can explore more reviews on the Shopify homepage. But to drill out some insights, you can consider the benefits listed in this article.


Ease of Use
Themes & Design Add-Ons
Customer Service


  1. I would urge people trying to build a serious business not to choose shopify.

    Shopify is great until you have a problem. Their support is none existant. They are not very pro business, for example they are quick to disable your account if a payment method fails. Unlike other sites which will block admin access, shopify take your site offline. Better not lose your card associated with your shopify otherwise when your card gets cancelled your site will go offline!!!! Support will not help you either!

    This can destroy all your hard work on SEO, upset customers and cause you to lose money.

  2. Shopify is another online e-commerce shopping store with huge popularity. It is the online store to sell equipment and products to the customers. Shopify also provides the best customer experience. It provides the best features and functionality to the store. But it fails somewhere in providing the good result in SEO.


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