7 Best SEO Articles of the Month [April 2017]


Welcome to the April 2017 edition of our monthly roundup of Best SEO Articles from around the web. As always, we’ll share 7 of the very best SEO articles from last month to keep you updated with all the latest happenings and strategies from the exciting world of SEO.

This roundup features SEO articles published on sites such as Ahrefs, ProBlogger, Search Engine Land, SEMrush, Moz, etc. and from writers, including Danny Sullivan, Ron Dod, Kobi Omenaka, Sam Hurley, Tim Soulo, and more.

7 Best SEO Articles of the Month [April 2017]

1. How To Do Keyword Research in 2017 [Ahrefs]

Ahrefs Keyword Research [Best SEO Articles April 2017]

A detailed guide (4000+ words) on keyword research by Tim Soulo, Head of Marketing at Ahrefs. What more could you ask for?

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2. The Ultimate Guide to Performing an Actionable SEO Audit [Serpstat]

Best SEO Articles [April 2017] - Serpstat Blog

Kobi Omenaka’s detailed guide is all that you’ll need to be able to conduct a comprehensive SEO Audit on your site.

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3. How Google assesses the ‘authority’ of web pages [Search Engine Land]

Best SEO Articles in April 2017 - Search Engine Land

A great article by Danny Sullivan, Founding Editor of Search Engine Land, on how Google assesses the authority of web pages.

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4. On-page SEO Tips: Three Things You Can Do Right Now [ProBlogger]

Best SEO Articles in April 2017 - ProBlogger

A short, concise guide on how to improve your site’s On-page SEO by Jerry Low, a regular contributor at ProBlogger.

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5. Starting an SEO Business: How to Become an SEO Expert [Kaiserthesage]

7 Best SEO Articles of the Month [April 2017] - Kaiserthesage

This article by Jason Acidre from Kaiserthesage really resonated with me because I run an agency which offers inbound marketing services, including SEO. A must-read article if you’d like to start your own SEO business some day.

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6. 22 Unique SEO Tips Backed by 22 Renowned SEO Experts [Cognitive SEO]

7 Best SEO Articles of the Month [April 2017] _Cognitive SEO

The team at Cognitive SEO interviewed 22 renowned SEO experts and found out 22 awesome and unique search engine optimization tips. Check them out!

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7. SEO Agency’s Advanced Tips for Reporting SEO to Clients [SEMrush]

7 Best SEO Articles of the Month [April 2017] - SEMrush Blog

Yet another agency-related blog post which I found really useful. Reporting SEO data to clients can be a harrowing challenge. In the article, Ron Dod of Visiture shares a few tips on successful SEO reporting to your clients.

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So these were the SEO articles that caught our attention in April.

You can check out our very own SEO articles from the archives here.

Do you think we missed out on an SEO article which should be included in this list? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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