How to Optimize Your Email for Mobile: The Essential Guide


How to Optimize Your Email for Mobile: The Essential GuideCustomer interaction on email has grown exponentially in the last few years. Not only are mobile opens growing, but they are also taking a huge share from desktop and webmail opens.

The rise of mobile in email marketing has compelled businesses and brands to revamp their email marketing strategies and create email copy and templates that are mobile-optimized.

The Essential Guide to Optimizing Your Email Marketing for Mobile

When it comes to email marketing, it’s all about creating content for your audience. It’s about making their email experience as smooth as possible. If a large chunk of your email list is accessing your emails via mobile devices, it’s time to optimize your email marketing for mobile.

Here are 6 practical tips to optimize your email campaigns for mobile:

1) Bigger Fonts

Small text can be very difficult to read on a mobile device. To avoid illegible fonts, we recommend 14 px as a bare minimum size for body copy and a minimum of 22 px for headlines.

2) Streamlined Content

Be concise and make the copy shorter and easier to read. This means that you need to remove less useful or relevant links, images, and text to make the copy more accessible on mobile.

3) Single-Column Layout

Ditch multi-column email templates and opt for single-column layout templates. This will ensure that your template acclimatizes to smaller screens. Also, avoid detailed navigation bars. When viewed on a mobile device, navigation bars are too difficult to tap and just end up breaking the copy.

4) Touch-Friendly CTA Buttons

Make sure your call to action (CTA) is touch-friendly. Put the CTA front and center and make sure it’s a minimum size of 44 px x 44 px, roughly the size of a thumb.

5) Image-Blocking Techniques

Several email clients on mobile block images by default. Hence it’s important to optimize your emails to be viewed without images.

ALT text (alternative text) is one of the best ways to combat email clients that block images by default. When images are blocked, ALT text replaces the images. Adding ALT attributes is simple – all it takes is adding an attribute to the image tag.

It’s also recommended to have a proper balance of text and imagery in your email copy. This ensures that your emails are easy to interact with regardless of whether images are included or not.

6) Optimized Content in the Upper-Left Corner

Several email apps on mobile will display content on the upper left-hand corner of the mobile device. As a result, it’s important to place important information and CTAs in the upper-left corner of your email.

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How to Optimize Your Email for Mobile: The Essential Guide



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