Kindle Oasis Review: Amazon’s New Premium E-reader


Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s thinnest and lightest Kindle yet. It’s a high-end eBook reader which you can order now from Amazon at $289.99. But does the premium price mean premium performance?

For starters, it has a couple of standout features:

  • Asymmetrical Design – The Kindle design has been reimagined and it’s no longer symmetrical. This means that one side of the device is thicker and wider than the other. The reason behind the asymmetrical design is so that the weight gets distributed closer to your hand making it easier to grip with one hand.
  • Battery Life – Oasis comes with a premium leather cover with a battery inside. With this, your Kindle Oasis e-reader can last not just for weeks, but months. The cover also switches the device on and off.

A Quick Look at the Specs

  • Screen: 6in Paperwhite with frontlight (300ppi)
  • Storage: 4GB; holds thousands of books
  • Dimensions: 143 x 122 x 8.5mm (3.4mm at thinnest point)
  • Included charging cover
  • Weight without cover: 131g
  • Weight with cover: 238g (240g 3G version)
  • Connectivity: WiFI or WiFi + Free 3G
  • Battery life: Two weeks on its own; Over 2 months when combined with battery cover
  • Native format support: Kindle (AZW), MOBI, PDF, TXT, PRC


Kindle Oasis Review - Amazon's High-end E-reader

Hands down this is the best looking Kindle yet. The Kindle has been rethought and redesigned. It’s asymmetrical and square in shape. It’s light and slim and a pleasure to hold and read from.To make the device lighter, Amazon equipped it with a featherweight polymer frame plated with metal structural electroplating to make it more rigid. Oasis’s new Paperwhite display has a custom cover glass engineered from chemically reinforced glass for added toughness.


Performance-wise, Kindle Oasis is good, but not great. It has a faster 1Ghz processor to speed things up. Amazon uses the e-Ink technology which can appear a bit appear a bit slow and sluggish compared to display on LCD-based tablets manufactured by Apple and Samsung. The performance of Oasis is similar to Kindle Voyage which is a little disappointing considering the price you are paying for Oasis. Having said that, Amazon still has a distraction-free eBook reading eco-system which is undoubtedly the best the industry has to offer. This is the device which enables you to truly immerse yourself in your eBook.

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Battery Life

This is where Amazon truly delivers. Kindle Oasis has the best battery life among all Kindle devices. And it even comes with a battery cover, available in three color options – black, merlot, and walnut. You can charge the cover and the device simultaneously. When you’re on the go, the cover will automatically recharge the device, giving you months of battery life.


If you’re willing to ignore the premium price, Kindle Oasis is truly the best eReader Amazon has to offer. With its bold reimagined design, ergonomic handgrip, and remarkable battery life, Kindle Oasis is a high-end E-reader that doesn’t disappoint.

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