How to Transfer Your Evernote Notes to Apple Notes


Evernote recently announced that it’d be limiting access to the free version of its app to just two devices and raising prices for its paid services.

Needless to say, the controversial decision by Evernote has left many people unhappy. In my opinion, there is no compelling reason for Mac and iPhone users to use Evernote anymore when you have Apple Notes which is nearly as good and completely free.

If you’ve been an Evernote user all this time, you must be looking for alternatives. If you own a Mac and iPhone, then without a doubt you should switch to Apple Notes. So how do you migrate your notes from Evernote to Apple Notes? Luckily, there is easy way to do this.

Before we migrate data from Evernote to Apple Notes, make sure you are running the latest version Mac OS, El Capitan. Then download the Evernote app from the App Store. On your iPhone and iPad, make sure you’re running iOS 9.

How to Migrate Notes from Evernote to Apple Notes

  1. Open Evernote. Click Edit > Select All to select all your notes
  2. Click File > Export Notes to export the notes
  3. You will prompted to save the file. To avoid confusion, I recommend naming the file as the same thing as your original notebook
  4. Open Apple Notes and click File > Import to Notes
  5. Select the Evernote file you just saved
  6. That’s it – Apple Notes will call the imported Notebook as “Imported Notes“, but you can rename it to whatever you’d like.

In order to have your Apple Notes synced to all your Apple devices, go to System Preferences > iCloud. Check the box next to Notes.

This will sync your Apple Notes across all the Apple devices you own.




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