How to Make Google Love Your Blog (Through Backlink Analysis)


In this article, Alina Yang from Serpstat explores link profile analysis for blogs, news sites, and web portals, and how you can systematize this process to increase your site’s in the right direction and considerably increase your traffic.

Google says backlinks aren’t as important to your site’s rankings as they were before, and some webmasters simply choose to let the chips fall where they may, neglecting thorough reference weight management.

Big mistake!

In this post, we’ll discuss common mistakes bloggers and web portal owners make. We’ll also perform a proper link profile analysis and learn how to acquire more readers through referring links.

What Kinds of Mistakes do Web Portal Owners Make More Frequently

1) Incorrectly Targeted Audience Positioning

We’re not talking about making crude mistakes like posting sophisticated articles about technological breakthroughs for new moms. This problem includes aspects like targeted audience scaling.

For example…

There’s little common sense in creating a news site for small town because it’s far better to cover a specific topic that would be interesting to a wider audience.   

On the other hand, you want a clear picture of your readers’ “personas” and their interests. If you still think that gaming websites are solely for junior high students, take a closer look at last year’s ESA Research on gamers:

ESA Research on Gamers - Serpstat

The point is that you can better understand your audience with extensive research.

2) Infrequent Updates

The only way to acquire regular readers is to post regular updates. There’s no such thing as publishing too much content if it’s all worth reading.  

Info portals are of no use if they’re not updated. If you can’t post new content on a daily basis (due to the focus of your topic, for example) aim for 4-5 publications per week at the very least.

It’s good for both your readers and your rankings.

3) Ugly UI/UX

The best saying I’ve heard about design is that it comes in three types: the bad, the good, and the WOW! The latter is the only type you want. A web portal is only good if users like everything about it – its colors, fonts, pagespeed, stability – the whole lot.  

4) Ad Overkill

Your site should be reader-focused.

No one cares about your income.

The best way to test whether your web portal is overstuffed with banners and widgets is to put yourself in your readers’ shoes:

  • Do you find it simple and intuitive?
  • Is it overstuffed with ads?
  • Would you stay at least for a moment if you have just arrived?

5) Lack of Backlink Analysis

Your future growth depends on how well you can manage your backlink profile. This can negatively affect site’s traffic and bounce rate.

Here are some tips on how to manage your backlink profile and avoid such errors.

How to Manage Your Backlink Profile

We know that all your backlinks aggregate your link profile.

In the Pre-Penguinian period, this “mass” had more weight (sorry for the awful pun!) as its influence on ranking was more prominent. Link buiding was everything to SEOs.

Today, humbled only by content, they still play a role, except that now Google values referral sites’ DA, age, and size, not the sheer quantity of ref sites.

That’s why you should pay attention to your backlinks and use them to create good partnerships.

For example, you can exchange publications with an affiliate site or set up a mutual mailout.

To perform a thorough backlink analysis you can use an SEO tool like Serpstat. If you’ve never tried this tool before, you can start a free trial by clicking here.

Enter your domain in the tool and go to “Backlink Analysis”:

Backlink Analysis on Serpstat

Here you can assess your overall backlink activity. Your goal here is steady growth. This way you’re showing Google that you are earning backlinks naturally.

At the same time, we can see here that our sample domain doesn’t have many new referring domains, which indicates our sample domain’s dependence from certain domains:

Serpstat - Referring Domains

 Now go to the “Referring Domains” tab to analyze your referring domain more closely:

Referring Domain Analysis on Serpstat

Choose the domain with the lowest Alexa Rank (the lower the number, the more popular the site) and analyze the context of your backlink, i.e., in what way did the referring domain link to you, and would you want to click on the link if you were a reader.

If the answer is yes, then your goal is to attain more backlinks from this site – and receive more traffic.

Now, click on the “Lost Backlinks” tab under “Backlinks”:

Serpstat Backlink Analysis

Domains that deleted your backlinks can give you insight into the problems your site has. Pretty often, backlinks are deleted automatically, but if they are deleted by a moderator, especially in big batches, it’s best to contact them and ask why.   

Now, go to “Anchors” to see all the anchor texts that your referring domains use and click on “Toggle Anchor Cloud” to see most frequently used phrases as anchor texts (the bigger the font, the greater the frequency):

Serpstat Anchor Text

This will allow you to quickly analyze your pages with the biggest quantity of backlinks on them and further optimize them to attract much more traffic.

Bonus: Check out this detailed review of Serpstat to learn the basic features and functionalities of this SEO tool.


We have identified the most common types of errors for blogs and web portals. If you want to survive in this highly competitive sphere, your site should be of the best quality.

In order for your website to compete, you must comply with the best practices of informational websites:

  • Frequent updates
  • Unique and valuable content
  • No ad overkill
  • Strive for good UI/UX
  • Pay extra attention to your backlink profile

We’ve discussed in detail how proper backlink analysis can help you boost your traffic. Remember to include at least a few backlinks in your feature stories. This will not only provide you with a steady source of traffic, it will also allow you to collaborate with other portals.

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