How Does A Casino Use Marketing Techniques To Get Customers


Casinos are one of the biggest revenue drawers in the industry and with so many around the world for people to enjoy, it’s not a surprise to see them using some of the best marketing techniques.

You won’t see many casinos being promoted on the television or over the radio when compared to other industries, but the effectiveness of the strategies is interesting to see.

While a lot of the profit that the casinos earn is through the house-edge, there are plenty of other ways that they are beginning to use marketing techniques in order to get customers.


One of the biggest marketing techniques that casinos use is their online presence in the form of online casinos and various informative guides which are available to the public. Through their game guides online such as the Ladbrokes basic blackjack guide, they can access the attention of more potential customers than ever, and through this influence them to begin playing the online casinos and ultimately visit the land-based casinos. Online casinos can be a huge influence, as offers such as bonuses and different types of rewards can be won when people play, and in some cases this can influence players to head to a land-based casino. The higher the casino bonus the more appealing it is to online gamblers, therefore leading to more and more players looking to that casino.

Most land-based casinos also have an online casino for their customers to play and this helps to build up a loyalty towards the brand. These online casinos will then begin to fight for the top positions of search engines’ SERPs, and through the extra information that they have on their site, such as the game guides, these casinos can target certain keywords such as ‘blackjack online’, or ‘Texas Hold’em poker’. There’s a huge number of ways that casinos use the online audience to their advantage and with this implement SEO into all of their online game descriptions, infographics, guides and more to help attract more customers than ever.

Free Comps

One of the main attractions the customers have with casinos is the complimentary drinks, and sometime even free dining, free accommodation or free transportation which is all used as a casino marketing strategy to keep their players satisfied. This ideology is that casinos want to make their customers feel like they are still benefiting from their time at the casino, despite potentially losing a lot of money. These comps can take a variety of forms, but more commonly they are in the form of free drinks handed out amongst the casino for those who play longer.

However, casinos need to be careful that the effect of their marketing strategies of freebies and bonuses doesn’t have too much of a negative effect on their finances – and this is the reason why online bonuses now come with a wagering requirement in order to prevent the occurrence of bonus abuse. Nevertheless, the major effect of the marketing strategy of giving away different forms of comps to the gaming public is a huge enticing factor which attracts more customers to play in their casino.

Email Marketing

One of the main things that online casinos can push especially is the use of email marketing. As many online casinos ask for email addresses when their players sign up, these players can opt in and out of various email marketing offers, which can help players to receive bonuses. This also helps to act as a reminder for the player to begin depositing money into the casino, and if they can get something out of this with a discount code from the email marketing campaign then they are far more likely to do so.

There are various benefits of email marketing that casinos can use, and because email has a larger reach more so than even social media with the total worldwide number of email accounts predicted to reach 4.9 billion by 2017 according to Radicati. With this, casinos can begin to connect with more people than ever, and that doesn’t necessarily have to relate to online casinos only. Land based casinos, particularly those that boast a hotel complex alongside the casino which many in the big gambling destinations can do, can ask for email addresses when visitors check in or even with the online booking process, and therefore can reach a lot more people.

Compared to social media, email marketing is highly effective, with the average click-through rate of an email being around 3% of the total recipients, whereas the click through rate from a tweet is only around 0.5%. Email marketing is far more universal and never-ending than any social media platform can be, and on top of this people are far more likely to see a casino’s newsletter email than they will a post on a social media platform, due to the fact that many platforms control what the users do and do not see. Casinos using email marketing are far more likely to have results than those who don’t, and because of this coupled with the bonuses and free comps that will attract and drive their customers, they easily attract the customers that they want to continue producing a large amount of profit.


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