Bing to Include Chatbots in Search Results


Bing is integrating chatbots into its search results, according to a report from Search Engine Journal.

Bing to Include Chatbots in Search Results - Chatbots on

The announcement is expected to be made at Microsoft Build 2017, the annual Microsoft developer conference held from May 10-12 in a session called “Chatbots on”.  The conference will be held at Washington State Convention Center in Seattle.

The “Chatbots on” session has been described as follows:

“Learn how chatbots enhance the Bing experience and how you can add your custom bots to”

Most of the sessions at the three-day conference will focus on bots, artificial intelligence, Cortana, and Skype.

Infobot, a bot that integrates with Wikipedia, is one of the chatbots being tested. The bot will appear when users type specific questions on

We’ll get to learn more about chatbots after the conference.

In the meantime, why don’t you have a chat with the chatbot we developed at 99signals?


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