AppSumo Deals: Top Deals to Grab in October 2017


AppSumo Deals: Top Deals to Grab in October 2017Important note: The deals featured here have now been sold out. Please click here to check out AppSumo’s latest deals.

September was a great month at AppSumo. The team was able to offer spectacular deals, including the popular SEO course, ClickMinded SEO, and the awesome social media marketing tool, Promo Republic. 

This month promises to be the same. 

For those of you who are unaware of what AppSumo does, here’s a snapshot: AppSumo offers weekly deals on the best tools for creating, growing, and scaling your online business. 

Thanks to AppSumo, we were able to grab lifetime access to amazing tools such as Ninja OutreachMailshakeBeacon, and more. 

The best part about the deals on AppSumo is that you get lifetime access to the products, meaning you just need to pay once for a software that follows a monthly subscription model.

So here are some of the best deals AppSumo will be offering in October. Grab them before they’re all sold out!

Please Note:

  1. We’ll update new deals as and when we hear about them. We urge you to bookmark this page to get frequent updates on new deals.
  2. Most of these deals will be sold out within one week of their launch on AppSumo. So be sure to grab them while you can. 

(Last update: 30 Oct)

AppSumo Deals in October

1. iSpionage

iSpionage AppSumo Deal

iSpionage reveals what other companies are doing to drive traffic, generate leads, and convert more sales. In other words, it lets spy on your competition and find out their most effective ads, keywords, and landing pages!

Normally, if you wanted this kind of competitor information, you would have to hire a PI or pay iSpionage $348 per year. But with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to their Basic Plan for only $49!

Click here for lifetime access to iSpionage!

Why Use iSpionage?

Steve Jobs always kept the Pablo Picasso quote “Good artists copy. Great artists steal” close to heart. So why make a marketing strategy from scratch when your competitors have already done the work for you? iSpionage lets you spy on the competition’s ads, keywords, and landing pages, then indexes the most effective for you. 

Click here for lifetime access to iSpionage for just $49!

Actual Price: $348/year

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)


** This deal goes live on October 30, Monday

2. on AppSumo

Get lifetime access to world-class education, mentorship, and SaaS tools for founders with has created an incredible learning resource with over 60 master classes. That’s 600 individual lessons featuring world-renowned experts from the greatest companies and startups.

Also, there are daily, bite-sized lessons delivered to your inbox – with easy to digest one week tracks.

Plus, features the absolute best tools for building a business plan, attracting early customers, and securing funding.

Click here to learn more about!

Why Use the Platform?

Aside from getting access to world-class education and mentorship, you get nearly $3,000 worth of software included in this bundle, so you don’t have to think about using every possible tool at your disposal.

Normally, you’d have to pay $29/month, but with AppSumo, you can purchase lifetime access to for just $49!

Click here to get lifetime access to!

Actual Price: $2844/year

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)


** This deal goes live on October 20, Friday

3. StickerMule

StickerMule - AppSumo Deal

StickerMule lets you create beautiful vinyl lettering by simply typing a message and selecting a font – no design experience needed. With StickerMule you can get custom die-cut stickers for an insanely low-price.

Normally, one of these 2″ x 12″ vinyl stickers is $10. But with AppSumo, you can get those very same vinyl lettering stickers for just $5 each. That’s half the price!

Click here to stock up on stickers!

Why Use StickerMule?

Stickers are a great way to promote your brand. Unfortunately, most stickers are terrible and fade over time. That doesn’t have to be the case though. StickerMule’s stickers are weatherproof, so you feel free to place them anywhere.

Get these amazing vinyl stickers here!

Actual Price: $10 each

AppSumo Price: $5 each (50% off)


** This deal goes live on October 26, Thursday

4. Linklay

Linklay AppSumo

Linklay is a visual commerce tool that allows you to create shoppable images through clever image mapping technology.

The plan offered by Linklay is worth $408 per year. But with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to the Linklay’s Plus Plan for just $39. 

Click here now to get lifetime access to Linklay

Why Use Linklay?

Whether you have an eCommerce business or are a blogger, Linklay’s ability to smooth out the purchasing process has proven to increase conversion results. And because of its ability to increase revenue, this tool should in your arsenal.

Actual Price: $408/year

AppSumo Price: $39 (Lifetime Access)


** This deal goes live on October 18, Wednesday

5. Plutio

Plutio AppSumo Deal

Plutio helps freelancers run their business and get work done more efficiently by keeping everything in one place. No longer will you waste valuable time, juggling apps just to complete the smallest of tasks.

Normally, this feature bonanza would be $318 a year. But with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to Plutio for just $49. 

Click here now to get lifetime access to Plutio

Why Use Plutio?

Plutio is the tool that’s going to let you manage your entire business from one dashboard, designed with you in mind. Plutio knows freelancers and small teams have a ton of things going on so they built their product to keep the user experience as simple and friendly as possible.

Actual Price: $318/year

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)


** This deal goes live on October 12, Thursday

6. Viral Loops

Viral Loops on AppSumo

Viral Loops is a template-based viral and referral marketing platform that helps businesses acquire more customers through word-of-mouth sales.

Usually, Viral Loops’ Plus Plan costs $199 per month. But with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to the same plan for just $49.

Click here for lifetime access to Viral Loops’ Plus Plan!

Why Use Viral Loops?

With Viral Loops, you can run your campaigns from one dashboard and grow your business at every stage of the funnel. From email list building to engagement campaigns and referrals, Viral Loops has you covered.

Actual Price: $199/month

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)


** This deal goes live on October 1, Sunday

7. PixelMe

PixelMe AppSumo Deal

PixelMe is a URL shortener that embeds a retargeting pixel into each shortened URL.

This means that every time you create a shortened URL, you’re creating a retargeting monster that will increase clickthroughs, improve ROI, and decrease ads acquisition cost.

PixelMe’s Pro Plan is $69 per month, but with AppSumo, you can lifetime access to PixelMe for $39. 

Get lifetime access to PixelMe!

Why Use PixelMe?

Whether you work with influencers or you share external content and want to retarget visitors, this URL shortener is a tool that needs to be added to your arsenal. With PixelMe, you’ll be able to reduce your paid acquisition and acquire more qualified leads for life.

Start retargeting your audience now!

Actual Price: $69/month

AppSumo Price: $39 (Lifetime Access)


** This deal goes live on October 8, Sunday

8. AppSumo Deal

With, you can send targeted campaigns to only the people that actually want to see them. uses granular segmentation, which lets you segment users that come to your site individually (up to 10,000 users per deal) and get a personalized, 360° view of your customers’ behavior in real time.

Normally, this deal would cost you $1,200 per year, but with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to for just $49!

Click here now to get lifetime access to!

Why Use

You know those customers that put things into their carts and never finish checking out? helps you retarget them by finding you ways to lure them back in to finish the transaction.

Your user experience and engagement will increase because of the hyper-personalized messages you will be sending them.

Learn more about here!

Actual Price: $1200

AppSumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Access)


** This deal goes live on October 6, Friday

9. Google Analytics Course by Jeffalytics

Google Analytics Course - AppSumo

The Analytics Course by Jeffalytics will teach you everything you need to know about Google Analytics.

In just 30 days, you’ll fully understand how Google Analytics works AND you’ll be ready to pass the Google Analytics certification. 

Ordinarily, Jeffalytics sells this course for $497. But with AppSumo, you can have lifetime access to his course for only $39!

Click here to master Google Analytics for just $39!

Why Enrol in this Course?

From understanding who your visitors are, to tracking results and turning data points into conversions, Jeff holds your hand and shows you how to do it all.

With this course, you’ll learn deep insights into how your business operates, how to better identify with your customers, and how to make the most out of your data.

Learn more about this Google Analytics course here!

Actual Price: $497

AppSumo Price: $39 (Lifetime Access)


** This deal goes live on October 1, Sunday

10. Depositphotos

Depositphotos on AppSumo


Depositphotos is your best source of high-quality stock photos in any subject and genre. Their stock image collection will open new horizons for your visual projects/

With AppSumo, you’ll be getting100 downloads from a library of 60,000,000+ stock photos and vector images for just $49. Depositphotos is AppSumo’s best-selling deal.

Depositphotos usually offers subscription plans and credits, but with this deal, you get 100 images that never expire for just $49.

Click here to score 100 Depositphotos credits now!

Why Use Depositphotos?

You need images and vectors to grow, whether it’s for headers, graphic designs, social media posts, eBook covers, whatever! With this sweet deal from Depositphotos you can get 100 downloads from a library of over 60,000,000 premium stock photos and vector images for just $49.

Learn more about Deposotphotos here!

Actual Price: $500

AppSumo Price: $49


** This deal has been live on AppSumo since September 25 and ends soon

11. Noah Kagan’s Monthly1K Course

Monthly1K Course - AppSumo Deals

Learn to find the right idea and start a profitable business you’ll enjoy without spending more money. How To Make a $1,000 a Month Business is interactive and designed for action.

Why Take the Monthly1K Course?

Almost 10,000 new entrepreneurs have used this course to create physical products, service businesses, apps, and more by guiding them through each critical stage of launching your own business:

  1. 6 custom methods to create 13 business ideas.
  2. Validating whether your best idea is profitable. Fast.
  3. Getting to $1,000/month to pay your bills.
  4. Scaling so you can quit your job and change your life.

Learn more about the Monthly1K Course

AppSumo Price: $600 (Lifetime Access)


More deals coming soon!

Keep this page bookmarked as we update more AppSumo deals you can grab this month. 

Click here to check out all the deals at AppSumo!


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