The 99signals Mobile App is Now Live for iOS & Android


We are pleased to announce the launch of the official 99signals mobile app for iOS and Android. The app can now be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play Store.

While the app has been live for a few weeks now, there were a few issues and bugs which needed to be fixed. Now that they’ve been fixed, it’s time to finally make an official announcement.

99signals Mobile App on iOS

If you downloaded the 99signals app before Nov 13, 2018, chances are that you have version 1.0 installed on your smartphone. This version is missing a few key features that we will outline below shortly. In order to get access to all the new features, we request you to please update the app to version 1.0.10 which is the version that is currently live.

Click here to download the 99signals app on your iOS or Android device

The app includes a ton of features, including access to ‘hall of fame content’, marketing quizzes and calculators, resources, latest articles, top 5 blogging and marketing eBooks from our blog, push notifications, and much more.

All the key features of the app are outlined in the next section:

Key Features

Here are all the top features of the 99signals mobile app:

  • Our Best Content – In this section, you can browse the best content from our blog.
  • Free eBooks – This section gives you free access to 5 of the most popular eBooks from our blog. You’ll need an active 99signals account to access these eBooks. More details on that below.
  • Latest Articles – Here you’ll find ten of the latest articles from our blog.
  • Exclusive Deals – Information on the latest marketing deals (updated weekly) to help you save money on your favorite marketing tools and software
  • Podcast – Access our weekly Marketing Mantra podcast within the app. Listen to all the episodes within the app itself.
  • Resources – Here you’ll find some of our favorite tools and resources that will help you boost your search rankings and improve web traffic.
  • Focus (Game) – This game is meant to train your attention span. It’s a simple, yet highly addictive game that keeps you engaged.
  • Quizzes and Calculators – Test your SEO knowledge by participating in our SEO quiz, calculate your email performance score with email marketing calculator, and check out how often you should blog with our blogging frequency calculator.
  • Push notifications and alerts – You’ll receive push notifications whenever we launch a new app feature and get alerts when publish a new blog post.
  • Social sharing options – Share an interesting article to your preferred social network right from the app.
  • Video Tutorials – Watch the latest SEO and marketing video tutorials and reviews.

Important: In order to access the free eBooks, play the Focus game, and to access quizzes and calculators within the app, you’ll need an active account. Here’s how you can register for a new account:

1. Open the 99signals app on your iOS or Android device, and click the gear icon at the top left side of your screen. This will open the sidebar menu of the app.

99signals iOS App

2. On the sidebar menu, tap on ‘Log In’ to open a new window. Next, click on ‘Register’ at the bottom of the screen.

99signals App Screenshots

3. On the new page, enter your email, set a password, accept the terms of use and privacy policy, and hit ‘Register’.

That’s it. You’ll now have an active account with the 99signals app. With this, you can access free eBooks, use the calculators, participate in the SEO quiz, and play the Focus game.

99signals eBooks

This will also automatically subscribe you to our email newsletter as well. We send these email updates out whenever we publish new content.

Download the 99signals App on iOS

Download 99signals on the App Store

Download the 99signals App on Android

99signals Android App Download

We hope you enjoy using the 99signals mobile app. Please leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments below and don’t forget to rate our app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

99signals Mobile App on iOS


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