Best SEO Webinars to Attend in 2018


SEO Webinars to Attend in 2018Do you attend SEO webinars? If you don’t, it’s time you reconsider. SEO webinars provide a wealth of information not just for beginners, but also for SEO veterans. Best yet, most of the webinars include hands-on tutorials and walkthroughs on how to boost your website’s SEO and rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs).

To make it easier for you to keep track of all the webinars in 2018, we’ve compiled a list of the best SEO webinars.

So here are some of the best SEO webinars you should attend in 2018.

(Note: We’ll update this page as and when we learn of new SEO webinars. So be sure to bookmark this page and revisit at a later date. In case you missed any of these, there’s a link below the description of each webinar that gives you access to the recording.)

SEO Webinars in 2018

1. Link Building in 2018 [Webinar by SEMrush]

When: Wednesday, January 10 at 9AM PT

Link Building Webinar by SEMrush

Learn everything you need to know on how Google’s new mobile-first index may affect the way you build links.

Industry veteran Debra Mastaler will be joined by Jon Cooper and Paddy Moogan to answer your questions about effective Link Building in 2018.

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2. 2018 Content & SEO Predictions [Webinar by Content Marketing Institute]

When: Wednesday, January 10 at 2PM ET

CMI Webinar

Content & SEO are constantly changing, and if you’re planning to have a killer 2018, it never hurts to cultivate a little foresight.

On January 10th at 2PM, join Robert Rose, Seth Besmertnik, and Wil Reynolds as they discuss their 2018 Content & SEO Predictions and the coming changes in our industry, including:

  • Content & SEO merging into one discipline
  • Search data becoming a KPI for overall business performance and potential
  • How new and massive growth will come from just 10% of content
  • A new industry-wide focus on content’s “lifetime value”

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3. Video SEO: How to Double Your Traffic This Year with YouTube & Video SEO [Webinar by Search Engine Journal]

When: Wednesday, January 24 at 2PM ET

Video SEO Webinar

Every content strategy should have a video SEO plan in place. If you don’t have one yet, you’ll be missing out on a huge source of traffic in 2018. This webinar will help you fix just that!

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Join this webinar to learn how you can fully leverage high-quality video content to boost your marketing efforts, engage both leads and customers, and improve your organic traffic.

In this presentation, you will discover:

  • How you can start taking advantage of video in 2018
  • The video SEO strategy you need to be using to maximize your efforts
  • How to create an engaging YouTube channel that gets thousands of views
  • How to rank video on YouTube and Google
  • Tools to shortcut your success

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4. How to Grow Your Organic Traffic without New Content or Backlinks [Webinar by SEMrush]

When: Wednesday, January 24 at 2:00 PM ET

SEMrush Webinar Jan 19

In this webinar, Eric Siu (CEO of digital marketing agency Single Grain) will show you how you can realistically grow your organic traffic without having to acquire more links or writing a bunch of new content.

You will learn:

  • The power of repurposing and upgrading posts
  • Why internal links still matter
  • The simple way of using Google Search Console to amplify your page clickthrough rates
  • How to go beyond Google Search Console

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5. The Insider’s Guide to SEMrush – On Page SEO Checker [Webinar by SEMrush]

When: Tuesday, January 23 at 1PM EST

On Page SEO Checker Webinar by SEMrush

Join Krista Tidman (Customer Success Manager at SEMrush) as she guides you through the platform, learning the best tips & tricks to each tool!

In this webinar, Krista will be showcasing the On Page SEO Checker feature on SEMrush.

If you are new to SEO or just looking for a deeper understanding of how SEO actions can help your website, this tool will become your new best friend!

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6. 6 Strategies for Viral and Evergreen Content [SEMrush Webinar]

When: Wednesday, January 24 at 9AM PT

Evergreen Content Webinar by SEMrush

Content marketers understand the power that great content has to pull in an audience and grow a business. But when you’re faced with a blank page and a big goal for the reach of your next content campaign, it can be hard to know where to start.

In this session, Nadya Khoja discusses 6 principles and guidelines for creating contagious content that grabs attention, grows your brand, and expands the top of your marketing funnel.

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7. Show Me The Links! Local Link Building in 2018

When: Tuesday, 13 February at 5PM GMT

Local Link Building Webinar

Link building, in general, is hard but building local links has its own set of challenges. Are reviews being used to determine local rank? Is any link a good link provided it’s from a site close by? Which local linking tactics should you invest time and money in?

Debra Mastaler will be joined by Andrew Shotland Founder and CEO of, Mike Ramsey, and Myles Anderson (Founder & CEO of to answer these questions and more on Local Link Building in 2018.

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8. SEMrush for Content Marketers

SEMrush Webinar Feb

When: Wednesday, 14 February, 11:00AM GMT

There are many challenges for content marketers when it comes to planning and writing, which is why SEMrush has an all-in-one toolkit for content marketers. To make sure you get the most out of SEMrush’s content marketing tools, the team is holding the webinar ‘SEMrush for Content Marketers’ to guide you through several steps of content marketing workflow.

During this session, Customer Success Specialist at SEMrush, Svetlana Kharlanenkova, will talk about:

  • Analyzing and optimizing existing content
  • Discovering fresh ideas to produce the copy that gets noticed
  • Finding the right keywords for better ranking
  • Making your content SEO friendly
  • Distributing your content
  • Measuring content performance and adjusting your content strategy.

Don’t miss the opportunity to beef up your content marketing workflow with SEMrush tools!

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9. SEMrush 101

SEMrush 101

When: Monday, 26 February, 00:00 GMT

These SEMrush tutorial demonstrations are conducted in the style of a typical webinar and are designed to help current and prospective users of SEMrush alike navigate, understand and leverage our data in order to maximize your return on investment.

A member of the SEMrush team will walk you through the product, touching on key data points and features as well as where to access a number of resources related to the SEMrush software. Each webinar ends with a question and answer session.

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This list will be updated as and when we learn about the latest SEO webinars. So be sure to bookmark this page!


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